Sefaira for SketchUp
Sefaira for SketchUp provides real-time energy and daylighting analysis within SketchUp, enabling architects to drive design decisions like form, orientation and facade design with real-time feedback. It is available as part of a Sefaira subscription.
Sefaira for SketchUp

Here is what makes it unique: 

A totally new approach to analysis 

Analysis is no longer a task - instead, it is a seamless, integral part of design. Sefaira’s PlugIns eliminate the "Run" button in favor of constant feedback as architects work.

Inside your design environment

Sefaira Architecture provides performance analysis where you need it: inside the 3D modeling environment. Sefaira interprets models on the fly, delivering results while you design.

Incredibly intuitive

Sefaira Architecture makes it easy to understand how a design is performing, and helps you connect the dots between geometry, energy use, and potential improvements. No energy modeling expertise is needed.

Combining energy & daylighting

Sefaira's Real-Time Analysis plugins provide constant feedback on both energy & daylighting metrics as you work. This frees you to test unlimited design options without worrying about the time or cost of analysis.

Helps implement best practices

Sefaira for SketchUp enables sustainability leaders within architecture firms to push best practices throughout their firms. Now everyone can perform analysis early and often, making the most impact at lowest cost. 

How to get it

Sefaira for SketchUp & Revit are available as part of a paid subscription. For more information, visit

Sefaira Systems is also available for engineers and HVAC designers. Visit for more information.

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