Scenes Tools
Set of 33 commands to quickly copy-paste elements from one scene to one or more scenes
Scenes Tools

New in version 1.1.0:

- copy-paste fog
- dialog box to select up to 8 parameters to copy-paste
- set fps for the slideshow/animation
- list all scenes and their parameters
- display a particular frame (or time) of an animation on the Sketchup screen
- estimate a transition time between 2 scenes, given a camera speed

Ever had a bunch of scenes to manage ?
Ever got a headache dealing with a scenes mess in your model ?
Ever wanted to copy-paste a scene parameter from a scene and apply it to one or more scenes ?
ScenesTools can do that.

Parameters that you can copy-paste:
- shadows

- fog
- camera
- layers visibility
- axes
- hidden entities
- style
- times (transiton time and delay time)

Additionnal commands provide the ability to:
- set visibility of a layer and apply it to one or more scenes
- set transiton time and delay time of a particular scene
- reset transiton time and delay time to defaults and apply to all scenes

Important notes:
This extension is menu-only (no toolbar).You'll find it in the View Menu.
All these commands are non-undoable, so take care...