Scenes Tools
Set of 33 commands to quickly copy-paste elements from one scene to one or more scenes
Scenes Tools

New in version 1.1.0:

- copy-paste fog
- dialog box to select up to 8 parameters to copy-paste
- set fps for the slideshow/animation
- list all scenes and their parameters
- display a particular frame (or time) of an animation on the Sketchup screen
- estimate a transition time between 2 scenes, given a camera speed

Ever had a bunch of scenes to manage ?
Ever got a headache dealing with a scenes mess in your model ?
Ever wanted to copy-paste a scene parameter from a scene and apply it to one or more scenes ?
ScenesTools can do that.

Parameters that you can copy-paste:
- shadows

- fog
- camera
- layers visibility
- axes
- hidden entities
- style
- times (transiton time and delay time)

Additionnal commands provide the ability to:
- set visibility of a layer and apply it to one or more scenes
- set transiton time and delay time of a particular scene
- reset transiton time and delay time to defaults and apply to all scenes

Important notes:
This extension is menu-only (no toolbar).You'll find it in the View Menu.
All these commands are non-undoable, so take care...



ruben b's picture

Hello D.Bur ....... I was trying to use the copy paste tools for shadows and fog, copying from one skp file to another to another. This does not seem to work. Is this the case or am I missing something? I'm trying to update a Construction model with some scenes from an earlier design model that has the scenes I'm trying to recreate. Any help would be appreciated

D.Bur's picture

Hello Ruben B,

Unfortunanely you can't copy-paste scenes settings (such as fog, layers visibility...) from one SKP to another, but only from scenes to scenes within a SKP file...

Arvid P's picture

Installed in 2016 Pro and found that submenu "Set layer visibility to secne(s)" does not appear as described in Help document. Looks to be a good tool if it worked as described.

D.Bur's picture

Hi Arvid,
"Set layer visibility to scene(s)" isn't a submenu, but a command that you'll find in the "Layers" menu.

Arvid P's picture

When I initally select View/Scenes Tools/Layes/Layers: Set layer visiabilty to scene(s) the submenu "Layers" shown in Section 4. Additional options did not appear. I checked all other Menus appear as noted in the Help File, When I selected Copy and Paste Parameter(s) the dialog box appeard as shown in help. Now when I go back to the View/Scenes Tools/Layes/Layers: Set layer visiabilty to scene(s) the Set layer visibility to scene(s) diaglog box appears.


James P.'s picture

Hay me again . for those who failed to find there tool "Scenes Tools" after it obviously loaded, Im sorry I failed to mention that it may not be in the usual plug or extents menus.
in 2015 it is in the
Location: Extensions,Scenes Tools,roll out menu.
But in 2016 it is in the Location: Views,Scenes Tools,roll out menu.
That's just how it decided to arrange it for the two different versions.
I hope this helps someone, fine work D.Burr! THANKS!!

James P.'s picture

I use both 2015 pro, 2016 pro, and pro versions are the hardest to get ether the oldest or newest
extensions to work with.
The OS is win 10.0, and pretty munch fits the above mentioned when it comes to almost anything
legacy or new, It's always something.
But that just keeps us on our toes. I got this extension from gift horse and installed it through both 2015 pro, 2016 pro, WINDOW/PREFERENCES/EXTENSIONS As an (RBZ file). the 16-pro took it straight out, but the 15-pro took 3 reinstalls and on the last 1 PC RESTART For my own curiosity, and it somehow worked.
This is one Handy Dandy nifty thrifty little tool!. Thank You!, and EVEN IF IT DID'NT WORK, THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!!.

R B.'s picture

Extension says it installs, but then doesn't show up in my "View" menu, or anywhere else, as far as I can tell.
I'm running Sketchup Pro 2014.

R B.'s picture

No reply a month later....

Alex K's picture

Thx D.B.

I only use one feature of this product (Layers: Copy-Paste) but that feature alone has saved me countless headaches and many hours as I use a lot of scenes ussually as a post operation after I've just about finished the model.

I appreciate the effort developers like you put in and unselfishly make available to the public. I get anoyed when people complain that free plugins don't work on free software (as I'm sure they're too tight to pay for a license) rather than work with the developer to fix issues.

For all you r-soles than can't make constructive criticism, look in a mirror, laugh your rrrs off at the pathetic reflection (if you don't scare the shite out of yourself) and give yourself a warning shot through the head to permit you face the rest of the day in a more benevolent and subdued manner and god permitting maybe even endeavour to say something nice about anything else other than your egotistic self.

archpzag .'s picture

Molto utile!

Very helpfull!

Christopher A's picture

Would be nice, if it installed correctly. Sketchup is a nightmare when it comes to these extension installations. Always takes up way too much time, then half of them never get installed!

...seems to be problem on your side... :( , check your OS, drivers, etc.

D.Bur's picture

You know, when an extension is released to the public, it has been deeply examined, tested and reviewed by the SketchUp team, to be sure it installs correctly in just a few clicks and a matter of seconds... Believe me, SketchUp is very clever in installing plugins...

孝贤 林's picture

This is great!
But it does not adapt with SU2014 or 2015. Do you have any plans to adapt for the elder version?

D.Bur's picture

The plugin is crypted by the Sketchup team in a new format (RBE) which is only supported in Sketchup 2016

Frank D's picture

hello Didier,
then why does it say "compatible with sketchup 2014, 2015, 2016" ?