Unique Scale Tool & FREE 3D BIM Library
Scale items individually without affecting the rest of your model & FREE access to DC's
Unique Scale Tool & FREE 3D BIM Library

The Unique Scale Tool gives you the ability to easily scale individual plans, images and models that have been imported into SketchUp. The FREE 3D BIM Library extension provides you with access to our FREE 3D Model Library. With this tool, you will be able to download 3D BIM content, or simply drag and drop inside you model.

How to use the Scale Tool:

  1. Import a plan, image, model or any content from the 3D Warehouse.
  2. Select the item.
  3. Left-click a start point then left-click an end point. Then type in a distance/value, and press Enter/Return.
  4. The item will now be scaled.

Get Models Tool:
This tool takes you to our free 3D Model Library where you can download FREE 3D BIM models.

Bomb Tool:
When you insert content from the 3D Model Library, then click the Bomb Tool it will explode the components. After you have exploded them, you will be able to dynamically edit them, and/or access more information about the product.

See the tutorial for more information.

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