Sandbox Bonus Tools
The Sandbox Bonus Tools by Cadman add to the functionality of the Sandbox tools. The Sandbox Bonus Tools make working with terrain more fun and interactive throughout the entire design process.
Sandbox Bonus Tools

The Sandbox Bonus Tools by Cadman add to the functionality of the Sandbox tools. The Sandbox Bonus Tools make working with terrain more fun and interactive throughout the entire design process.

The Project Mesh tool projects a regular surface grid onto a selection. The new surface grid is a quad face mesh and is compatible with quadface tools. Select the surface or objects upon which you want a grid mesh then

1. Enter the size you want for each square of the mesh grid. Enter a negative number (without units) to subdivide the extents of the grid by that number.

2. Specify which direction you want the mesh projected onto (Top, Bottom, Front, Back, Left, Right).

3. Enter a number for a shard factor. 

As a grid is draped over an irregular shape, the length of each triangle gets stretched longer than the base square size specified in step #1. There is more stretch the steeper the projection surface or objects. The shard factor indicates a multiplier of the base square size beyond which the triangle will be eliminated from the draped grid. The default is 0 (don’t delete any triangles regardless of edge length). A number of 2.5 is a good limit for steep slopes. For most landscape drapes, leave the shard factor at the default of 0. (See ShardFactor image above)

The Foam Core tool does successive push pull operations upward on selected faces, incrementing each following push-pull by the user specified increment distance. Entering a negative number causes the tool to push the contour surfaces (levels) downward. This tool builds a ‘layer cake’ version of terrain from contour surfaces.

The Hoola Hoop tool Creates Contours around a selection set of surfaces and objects. Select the objects or surface, then

1. Enter the Type of contouring to be done: either Interval or Number. Interval is the contour interval. Number sets the total number of contour lines to generate equally across the entire depth of the surface or objects.

2. Enter a Value. For Interval enter a distance, for Number enter the total number of contours desired.

The Drop Downward tool places (drops) each item of a selection of groups and components downward in the blue direction onto the model. Select the objects to drop downward. During the drop, the selected objects will not drop onto one another. The objects will land on the first part of the model they encounter.

The Set to Elevation tool moves all objects in a selection to a uniform elevation. Select the objects to move. Then enter the elevation value to where you want them moved.


I have the sandbox bonus tool and wish to create contours from a site face. I need to have these contours at (say) 500mm increments. but they have to relate to a set RL (level) in the model as a base. How is this done?

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The Create Contours tool starts the spacing from the lowest point in the selection and works its way upwards at the increment you specify. You should be able to figure out an exact point in your model and make sure nothing is below that in the selection and you can generate what you are needing.

Thanks Mark, That makes perfect sense. Cheers.

I'm not able to install this extension. The message: "Sketchup cannot install this extension due to an unknown reason." Can someone help?

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I just un-installed and then installed the trial from inside of SketchUp and everything worked fine. I am not sure what would cause this message. Are you installing from inside of SketchUp using the Extension Warehouse?

how can i download for trial period?

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Hi Cadman,

I have upgarded my computer MAC to the new 2018 Sketchup and can't down load the extension it keep saying i have exceeded the limit. I have removed it from my laptop and still get the excess limit.

any ideas how to fix this


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You have to re-install from the Extension Warehouse on the web, but from WITHIN SketchUp.

After you uninstall the previous version you need to end SketchUp.

Then re-start the new version of SketchUp.
Go to Window> Extension Warehouse and install from your Extensions account.

Then it should work properly for you.

What can be the problem when installing throws an error that Windows failed to install the extension?

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when is ready the version for Skechtup 2017 ?

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The court Judge has deemed you: Non-Responsive.

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I tried downloading the extension into a Sketchup 2017 Trial and it failed to do so. Now I get a "trial expired" notfication in the Extension Warehouse listing when again attempting a download. What gives?

I'd like to give Bonus Tools a go, but uncertain whether it's bug free, running in SU2017.

I cannot install trial version. I get a "unknown error".
1. Is there a way to manual installation?
2. Can I install full version on 2 computer?
3. Do you have add metric system?

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I have had some time to try it out now, and here is my opinion:

It probably has got some potentials, but for now the "create contours"-function is for American users only. No metric options. The project mesh-tool (that I was most interested in) is not giving the results I was hoping for and it takes a lot of time when used on larger terrains.

I really miss an "add terrain skirt"-option too. Also the icons could have been high resolution for us people working on newer Macs.

I would recommend people checking out Fredo's excellent toposhaper for now. In combination with ThomThoms "Vertex Tools" (to smoove the terrain) & the "Cut and Fill Site"-function inside the 1001bit Pro-extensions you can get really professional results.

But I must add one thing though; I have found out that the "Drop downward" function in this extension actually works better than the "DropGC"-extension (by Smustard Team) that I have used in the past.

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Thanks kiwi10. I was very interested in this product for its simple, logical process and great value. But no metric option means it's off the table until then unfortunately.

Thank you!

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Also check out the "Eneroth Terrain Volume" extension. It is very useful:)

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Thanks for the review kiwi. Very useful!

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