s4u Stair
Make Stair,Ramp from Faces
s4u Stair

Make Stair from Faces:

Make Stair - Simple

Make Stair - Slab

Make Stair - ZigZag

Make Stair - Steps

Make Stair - Extrude

Make Stair -Treads

Make Stair - Slope

Make Stair - Slope Simple

Make Stair - Slope Solid


Ctrl (Alt on Mac) + Select Point > Set Heigth Stair

Ctrl (Alt on Mac) + Select Face > Set Landing

Tab > Reverse Direction Stair

Double Click on Screen ( or Right Click) > Set Parameter

Double Click on Face > Set Index,Landing.

Double Click on Face (1 Selected Face)> Change Start Edge


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Великолепное приложение, очень удобно! ускоряет работу в разы. Советую всем

Доброго дня. Мене цікавить придбання плагіну s4u Stair для SketchUp 2017. Спроба придбати через сайт невдалася, зявилося посилання (звяжиться з адміністратором магазину), буду вдячний за допомогу.
З повагою до Вас Сергій.
моя електронна адресса для звязку arhigrad@i.ua

Is there a manual? The videos have no sound, text is barely visible and they go so quickly that it is difficult to understand how to use the extension. Thanks!

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I Can't seem to get my stair to build upwards - they always build down. I do have the axis set correctly with Z in the "up" direction. Any Thoughts?

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Select faces and Click right mouse to Reverse faces.

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