s4u Slice
Slice,Cut,Detach objects -Set plane by 2 points , 3 points or by Object -Add section faces .Create Group Section.
s4u Slice

Slice,Cut,Detach objects

Create Group Section

- Set plane by 2 points, 3 points or by Edge,Face,Guide line,Axis

- Add section faces

- Select Objects and Section Plane for Create Group Section

(Put Create Group Section in the new layer and show only in the selected Screen)


Ctrl (Alt on Mac) > Lock Zaxis

Alt  (Control on Mac) > Set plane by Object

Tab > Change cut side

Shift > Lock Section Plane




Stefano Z.'s picture


i was purchasing the plugin, after the payment, i've received this message:
"Extension Warehouse Order Processing Error

Whoops! Something went wrong when processing your order.
We have placed your order on hold while we look into the problem.

Please visit the following page to contact the Sales team to complete your order http://help.sketchup.com/en/contact/customer-support.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you!
The Extension Warehouse team"

can you check please the order and let me know?
Many thanks

Stefano Z.'s picture


do you have the possibility to install server licence for the plugin?

Игорь Т's picture

работает просто идеально! моделирование во многом становится значительно проще.

Cesar N's picture

I've just updated this plugin and now I can't find how to put a keyboard shortcut for these tools.

Is there a new way to achieve that?
In the Suforyou menu the isn't any slice items.


I tried to buy the extension. Unfortunately I get the message "Card Number invalid". I've tried this with two different cards in the meantime. And I also contacted the credit card company. In the Sketchup forum I found posts with similar problems. I suspect a problem in the Extension Warehouse Shop.

Suforyou's picture

mail to me

Hi. Congratulation on making one of the most useful Sketchup plugins.

I have an idea to make it twice time useful :)...simply by adding inverse function. So it could not only trim SU geometry, but also extend it using the same logic in picking 2 point lines, faces or 3 point faces...

Even more useful would be possibility to select a few faces, or curved surface as an "edge" for trimming, or extending.

It would be powerful feature.


I will try to be clear in english ( I'm french :) )

Does s4u Slice keep the layers names of the 3D sliced to create 2D groups ?
Does it also keep the components attribute/name ( as standard sketchup section cut ) ?

As an "architectural" BIM drawer, I am looking for a plugin that respect my 3D drawings with layers and components names when I create 2D group section cut.
The objective is to slice my 3D models to create 2D drawings for Autocad / others.
On that case I am actually losing a lot of time re-fixing layers names on the 2D drawings realized with section cuts.

Any advise, help will be very nice :)



Suforyou's picture

Hi Julien! I will update in the next version.


many thanks and usefull for others only still working with 2D ACAD drawings :(
I love 3D, I love BIM, so I love Sketchup :))


Cesar N's picture

Amazing plugin, So useful.

Is there an option for the Detached component/group to inherit layer and material from the original one?

For some reason I remember that the previous version did that.


Suforyou's picture

Thanks,I check it soon.

When waiting for the support of version 2017?

optimaforever ..'s picture

It works on my SU pro 2017... Did you even try? :D

I have
"No License for product (-1)"

2016 - it's ok

Fixed reinstalling

TCHARLES A's picture

my version of Sketchup is Sketchup 8, bought the plugin to your company, S4U Slice but not I can make it work. In my page of werwhouse not appear the button to download the .rbz
Please send me the instructions to download the .rbz extension of S4U Slice to sketchup8

Zooen's picture

How to install or buy a second version of the plugin for another computer ?

호형 박's picture

I bought the ruby then I formatted my notebook recently

and seems that I can't intall it any more.

Is there a way I can re-install the ruby??

Suforyou's picture

You can install a purchased extension on two different computers

호형 박's picture

I fomatted the computer that i installed this ruby and can't uninstall it

don't know how to migrate in this occation

Ari J's picture

I fomatted the computer _ driver crash~~Twice~~ OMG

Mohammed A.'s picture

it is very usefully Extensions
but can i cut solids by arc instead straight line?


Jez S's picture

Just paid $10 for this. I install using the Extensions Warehouse, install is succesful according to it.
Try to use the toll "This trial has expired"

There's no way to uninstall, and it seems this problem is happening all lot with a lot of unanswered comments. We should either get a fix or a refund!

e m's picture
e m

It's truly amazing that "Sketchup Extension Warehouse" and "Suforyou" allow paying customers (me included) to twist-in-the-wind after paying hard earned cash for a dis-functional plugin (installation or whatever) . . . no response or meaningful support or meaningful remedy.

Suforyou's picture

You see this link : http://help.sketchup.com/en/article/3000263
Tip: After you purchase an extension, the Extension Warehouse doesn’t offer refunds. If you’d like to try out an extension before you purchase it, look for an Install Trial button, which enables you to try how the extension works before you buy it. If you’re having trouble purchasing an extension or would like to contact us about an Extension Warehouse purchase you’ve made, fill out our Customer Service Contact form and, from the You Would Like To drop-down list, select Resolve a Purchasing Issue.

e m's picture
e m

@Suforyou , for some reason you are not understanding your problem . . . paid customers are not allowed to use the plugin after a successful purchase and successful install … the message received is
that the trial expired (when it's not a trial) and/or the message “not licensed” (after paid and installed).

Your links to “Ssketchup” are not helpfull
Sketchup' links are not helpful for the issues after purchasing your plugin(s)
Sketchup refers back to the you;
Contact extension authors directly . . .
. . . contact the plugin developer for . . .

Not a good thing.

Suforyou's picture

I mean you contact to Sketchup If you’re having trouble purchasing an extension because Sketchup manages your licence and payment.

e m's picture
e m

Please read above . . . It's not a purchasing problem.

optimaforever ..'s picture

Did you tried to launch Sketchup as administrator and use slice once?
Perhaps it's a Windows issue... if SU can't write to the c:\\ or user\appdata\roaming etc. there is often problems.

Mike 's picture

Can't figure out how this works, even after watching the video more times than I want to count. Click a button, then what? Draw a line? What about my section? Select what? Everything? Huh? What's it doing? Where did those pop-up menus come from in the video? They're not working for me... Windows only feature? Just naming the boxes isn't enough to tell me how the functions work.

Some kind of step-by-step in any European language would be really helpful - preferably English, French, Spanish but at this point anything I can read and paste into Google Translate would be nice.

For now, I'll avoid this extension. I've pulled out all my hair in frustration and will have to wear a hat until it grows back.

optimaforever ..'s picture

My main use is for cutting groups/components.
1. select a group/component
2. use the 3rd icon from the left (detach) of the slice tool
3. draw the cutting plane (you can define it by drawing 2 or 3 points by right-clicking; if you are in a 2D geometral view - top/left, etc. choose 2 points and draw a cutting line / if you are in a 3d view (axonometric or perspective), choose 3 points - usually 2 horizontal points and one vertical one)
4. voila, the group/compo is sliced in 2.
if you cut a compo, 2 unique compos are created.

Suforyou's picture

Thank Optimaforever!

optimaforever ..'s picture

Hi Phuong.

I must say that although all your videos are (very) impressive, your pace is so fast that the major part of living creatures on this earth must be wondering what the heck you are doing and what magic you are using.

I'm a long time fan of s4u-components and s4u-slice.
I'm trying to understand s4u-transformer and must say that the learning curve is a bit steep. :D I hope to be able to do some Rhino-Grasshopper stuff in Sketchup by mixing all your scripts with thomthom's QuadFaceTool/VertexTool/SubD.
it's probably faster and easier to do that in Rhino directly but I'm an old SU user since v2 and well, I feel like a vintage car owner, don't wanna swap my 1957 Cinquecento for a sparkling new Prius 2016... lolol

Antonio's picture

Hi, I have update to 2016 and I can not instal this plugin now! is telling me trial expired. Any help?

Thank you

Suforyou's picture

you contact here: http://forums.sketchup.com

Antonio's picture

Hello, I have contacted forums.sketchup and no news so far. I still don't understand why my license is not active.
It's so frustrating and for sure I wasn't expecting such a poor customer assistant.

Thanks anyway

Antonio's picture


I have install the new sketchup 2016 and I have the same issue again with this plugin and my license for it.
Under extension warehouse - My extensions, it said "Trial expired" and I can't install it or unistall it!


Zooen's picture

It's working on SU2016.




Zooen's picture

Hello, I bought this plugin for SU2015 may I obtain an update for SU2016?

Thank you for your answer.



Suforyou's picture

It's working on SU2016.

Joel F.'s picture

I'm completely mystified on how to use this plugin. I just want to select an object and an intersecting plane, click one button and have the object divide into two objects along the plane.

Do you select the objects first, or select one of the four buttons first?

Are they four separate processes with different outcomes, or are they four steps in a sequence that are necessary for a single outcome? Why do I get error messages a few seconds into playing the video instructions? Is there a set of written instructions how to use this plugin?

Suforyou's picture

You select the objects first,then select one of the four buttons.
Button 1 - Slice
Button 2 - Cut
Button 3 - Detach
Button 4 - Create group section
you can select points for set plane or Preselect Section Plane.

optimaforever ..'s picture

Hello su4you

Your scripts are pretty unbelievable!
Slicer is soo amazing.
But can you tell me how to speed up the slice process?
Is it best to explode the group/compo to the lowest possible level?

Edit: I tried by exploding all the meshes until the primary group level and slice is waaaaaay faster. I guess it avoids the creation of unique components and groups, which takes huge amount of time and memory on complex models...
And I am amazed that Undo works fine, an useful accomplishment.

Edit 2: is there a multicore version in the oven?

Suforyou's picture

It's best if you explode all level in GC.
A multicore version is complex . It is unable.

Scott H's picture

I purchased but cannot use. Mine says "trial" and has expired...
What do I do about this or who do I contact?

diane a's picture

finding it hard to follow the video's to understand how to use this tool..do you have anything besides these? Thanks

Suforyou's picture

you can look the prompt in status bar.

diane a's picture

thank you for all of your awsome tools and for making them affordable. Really appreciate.

Jaimie F.'s picture

Great script, very fast! Is there a way to fill the edges with the same texture/colour when you perform a slice? Would be a great option if not! :)

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