s4u Panel
Draw panel by 3 points or select face
s4u Panel

Draw panel by 3 points or select face.

+TAB key :

- normal :Setting panel 

- when drawing : Back - Center -Front

+Arrow Down : Back - Center -Front

+Arrow LEFT,RIGHT, UP : Lock direction X,Y,Z

+Enter: Finish

+Hold Shift : lock direction

+MouseRight : Options


I am doing a project on this. I have read many articles of essay service to know more information about it. This post is really useful for me to learn the concept.

Claudio C's picture

How do you give tickness to the panel?

where is my money ??? If you can not download the plugin! joke))) to all health and peace!

Hello, I bought a plug-in you, but instead "download" new button "install within sketchup". sketch up I have, which now download the plugin itself ????

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I am having trouble with my licencing on this. Every time i restart sketchup it says licence expired or licence not found and i need to uninstall and reinstall. can you please help?

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Can you add the ability to the "panel by face " for round flat staff or maybe for couple faces based on smooth group/hide edge?

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Can you add the ability to parameters to disable 1/3 length snaping?

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Your request has added.
Actice tool and Right Click for Set snap mode.

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Great! Thank you! But I still have one small request. If the name field remains empty (in the parameters dialog), then only the component definition name given, and the name field will also be empty.

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thanks,a small request is accepted. :)

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Thanks,I will add it .

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On the Mac sketchup2015 ,TAB key same 0 Key is meaning the Origin Panel: Back-center-Front . To help fix it Thank u.

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I had fixed it.Update please!

Pirun S.'s picture

The update cannot fix my problem. help me . I bought it used. please.

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Please send to me ( suforyou.vn@gmail.com) your mail.

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thank you.

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i can't set parameter

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Maybe ,your plugin folder i'snt writable.
Set it's writable or run as administrator Sketchup.

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SU2015 Pro - works well

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