s4u Make Box
Make box from : - Select 4 points;- Select 3 points+ input height; - Select 3 points+ last height (Enter)
s4u Make Box

Make box from : 

- Select 4 points.

- Select 3 points+ input height 

- Select 3 points+ last height (Enter or Double click)

Input length with simple function (+ ,-,*,/) ex 1m*5+10m/2m

Snap points: 1/3 Line ,2/3 Line , Center Face



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on the MAC sketchup2015 i press key 0 (Zero) mean Key"Tab" is item "Draw mode" (corner-Middle-center)

Thank you

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I will fix it in next update.

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Please Fix s4u Panel ,too Because it has similar problems http://extensions.sketchup.com/en/content/s4u-panel
Thank you.

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I had fixed its.Try again!

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