s4u Divide
Divide Faces or Surfaces follows 2 directions.
s4u Divide

Divide Faces or Surfaces follows 2 directions.

Shortcuts key:

- Tab : Toggle X axis ,Y axis

- Ctrl+Click (on Win) OR Alt+Click (on Mac)  : Set Origin

- Double Click : Reverse Axis

- After select Match Grid menu:

   Ctrl+Click (on Win) OR Alt+Click (on Mac) : Select Source Grid

   Click : Select Destination Grid

- Input: min-max for random min to max.

- Input: divX,divY for divide xaxis and yaxis.



fred m's picture

I just purchase it and impossible to download it...

Ich habe Su 2018. Funktioniert Tadellos. Super Plugin!...Danke....Grüße aus Österreich...:)

optimaforever ..'s picture


Is it dividing as quads?

Suforyou's picture


Dee j's picture


Dee j's picture

I have 2017 Pro SketchUp I just bought this add-on and it's not working

BeomCheol J's picture

I did buy one licence. another computers are formated. but it dosn't work any more in my computer.

Behnam T.'s picture

Can you make It work on at 2015 ?
I have bought the pro version of it recently . It will be nice If you don't force us to upgragding it agane .... just make it compatible with previous versions ... please !

Suforyou's picture

Please try again!

Suforyou's picture

I'm working.

yunqiang z's picture

It can't work at sketchup2015?

Suforyou's picture

Now,It's only for Sketchup 2016 and later.

yunqiang z's picture

I only buy sketchup2015,I want to use it,can you sell me an one which can be used in sketchup2015

Suforyou's picture

Please try again!

yunqiang z's picture

Thanks!It can work now at sketchup2015,I will use it these days,if it‘s no problem,I will buy it,really thanks!!!

Suforyou's picture

I'm working, It's will support Sketchup 2015.

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