s4u Connect
Connect 2 selected edges,curves,arcs.
s4u Connect

Connect 2 selected edges,curves,arcs.

Extend Arcs to Circles.


How can I get the lisence

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License began showing expired also - How do I remedy this?

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I was just in contact with the author about the issue. It must be a bug in the Extension Warehouse that makes it impossible to purchase it. My only option is to uninstall it.

This plug-in starts showing expired license since yesterday afternoon, location GMT 8+. Could you please let us know will there be a newer version coming soon or this useful tool is going to be charged. Either way is ok, but please fix this expired issue. Thanks million~

update s4u Connect v2.0.0(trial)
Connect 2 edges,curves,arcs.

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Your extension's very helpful. Hope the next versions can connect multiple lines.

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There is a problem installing for Sketchup 2015

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This is yet another useful plugin that I encourage people to try out.

I think this plugin works better than the Extend tool that comes bundled with 1001bit. I have so many of your plugins by now, perhaps it is time you consider making a dedicated Suforyou-toolbar?


dear post is really nice I appreciate it.
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