s4u to Components
s4u toComponents allows convert objects to components.
s4u to Components

Draw Lines To Components :

      Draw line and convert to components.

      Select 1 Face or 1 Component to draw

      Press Tab or Ctrl for change insert point

      Press Up,Down,Left,Right for mirror x,y axis

Lines To Components: 

      Convert Lines to components.  

      Select 1 Face(or 1 component or no select for get default component ) and Lines to convert

Faces To Components: 

      Convert Faces to components.

      Select 1 Component (no select for get default component) and Faces to convert

Groups To Components:

      Convert Groups to components.

      Select 1 Component(no select for get default component) and Groups to convert

Objects To Components:

      Convert Groups and Components  to Components.

      Select Groups and Components and Groups for convert

 FaceCurve to Components:

       Select Faces(Surfaces) and 1 Components 


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Hi, I have downloaded for a trial.and have tested every command. I should say it is a very interesting plugin.very useful ,I've installed it in a sketchup2017,mac system ,but anyway,there seems to have a bug in "FaceCurve to Components",the axis to adjust doesn't appear, and after return there is nothing.
anyway ,all of the other command runs well.

This plugin does not work properly. When I select "Replace Components" it does nothing. I have all other items selected and then I select the item to replace with and nothing happens. I even followed a video of somebody else using this in an older version of Sketchup and it worked for them. I think this is broken in SU 2018!! Please fix since I just paid for this and it says it's compatible!!! Now I can't complete my project.

Hi ! I've bought your extension but i can't install it !!! i've read yur help center page, the menu of extension warehouse to sketchup etc etc etc , i have sketchup pro 2018 . I spend 2 hours to try to install but nothing ! it is a genius extension and this site is super but the service to buy and install an extension ....to complicate. and now what i do ? THX and i see i am not alone with this problem , good day to hope a positive answer.

hi i have buy s4u to component. i have tried to install with sketchup warehouse. when i klik to install why always go to sketchup help center.

Suforyou's picture

Install it in Sketchup software,not on the web.

It seems like this extension is somewhat broken in SU 2017. Faces to Components-Arranged causes bug splat in 2017. Works as expected in 2016.

Headlines about horror games usually highlight how big they have gotten in the last 20 years

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I updated for Sketchup 2017

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hi! I've realized this is only for 2016and 2017 after I paid, and I have 2015! Can I get the older version instead?

muny D.'s picture

i purchase ready
i get receipt by email but how to download

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Dan F's picture

It seems like this extension is somewhat broken in SU 2017. Faces to Components-Arranged causes bug splat in 2017. Works as expected in 2016.

Suforyou's picture

Thanks,I have update for Su2017 . I'm waiting for review from Sketchup.

optimaforever ..'s picture


Lloyd P's picture

Got it working! Thanks.

Lloyd P's picture

Now it's saying its installed but tool buttons are gone!

Lloyd P's picture

I've bought the program but get error message license has expired (-3)!
Please give direction. I need to use it like yesterday!


Hello,I purchased to_component,but I could not download from extension warehouse in Sketchup, It keeps showing that My trail has expired!
Just want to know how to download this plugin

Additional:In my trail period, to_component crashed whenever I use it ,I even remove other plugins to see if it work,but failed.

Sketchup pro in trail 2017
Windows 7 64bit

However,I think to_component is awesome,thank you hdpv all your hard work for this awesome plugin

Happy new year

It is caused by ID problem
It is solved when I sign in by google
However, to_component still crashes in Sketchup2017, I think it is a common issue with all developer about instances in the 2017, really frustrating.

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hey i paid already now i want download link manual.

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Used Faces to Components - Nice and useful!

Trying Groups to Components, all groups was converted to components, but the Components orientation is different from original Group orientation (all have same orientation now).
Is it a solution for this?

optimaforever ..'s picture

I know, this is a bug I guess.
That happens when you try to convert too big selections of surfaces to components.
Usually I manually select smaller selection of surfaces to convert, until it works.
It's a hassle but it's faster than doing every copy and scale manually.
Autopilot is great but sometimes switching to manual pilot is necessary.

Group to Components works fine

What I mean is when I'm trying to replace Components with one Component "Replace Component" function, then all new instances have same orientation, they don't keep the original orientation.

optimaforever ..'s picture

Perhaps should you use thomthom's component replacer instead?
I don't think there is a keep orientation option in su4u script.

Same issue with Thomthom's plugin :)

optimaforever ..'s picture

Then perhaps try another workflow?
Go with simple surfaces with a defined size and normals.
Or even try with skatter?

Travis S's picture

I need step by step english instructions for the You Tube video you posted for adding a siding profile around the outside of a house. You are moving too quickly in the video, there are no tool tips or written instructions. I think the main problem I am having is with the component axes?? Please post better instructions

optimaforever ..'s picture

Indeed you need to make tests before finding the right group axis, because this depends on the position/orientation of the group.
My typical usage of s4u tocomponents is for creating an array of window glazing for a curtainwall for example.

Usually what I do is:

1. create a global group of the area to treat (I do it face by face in order to keep the axis system coherent); so if I have a cubic building, I group each face separately.

2. Open the group created and position/orient axis within the group (with the Z blue axis perpendicular to the main face; in the 3D world we say Z axis must be parallel to the normal of the surface); very important.

3. divide the curtainwall wannabe surface in smaller elements. each rectangle created must be "clickable"; that's to say they have to be independent;

4. click on one rectangle and create a group of it; then with right click it to convert it in component (sometimes this is faster than creating a component from a selection directly);

5. open the component and verify that the axis are the same as the main group (logically the component has the same axis orientation as the group it is nested within, but it isn't the case, modify it); very important!

6. edit the component / modify its geometry to create a double glazing, framing, chamfer the frames, apply materials, etc. close the component;

7. Still inside the main group, select the component AND all the remaining faces you want to convert to the same component, and click on "faces to components-Arrange" (the icon with the A next to the surface - not the line);

8. All the selected surfaces are swapped with the component. voila!

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The Z axis of the component matchs to the normal vectors of face curver.

optimaforever ..'s picture

It seems Faces to component Arrange doesn't work as previously.
When I use it, the generated component is very far from the target surface. If I export some elements as a component and reopen it in a separate sketchup session, it works correctly. Did you change the code?

Travis S's picture

I need step by step english instructions for the You Tube video you posted for adding a siding profile around the outside of a house. You are moving too quickly in the video, there are no tool tips or written instructions. I think the main problem I am having is with the component axes?? Please post better instructions

Steve R's picture

OK, Paid my fee How do I download?

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optimaforever ..'s picture

Hi Phuong,
Wonderful plugin.

I realized that the face2component is very influenced by the world axis.
Even if I modify the group axis I'm within, some compos keep being stretched the wrong way. If I copy the group, rotate it to orient it (to have the same orientation of axis as the workd axis), then suddenly all the face2compos work correctly. The axis within the group are unchanged so why?

My actual workaround is to make the group a component before rotating it so after having face2compo-ed succesfully inside the rotated copied group, I just delete it.

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cool! good...........

Suforyou's picture

thank you!

Estúdio Dig A's picture

Very nice!!! Good Job!

Milos V's picture

Wow! what a great little tool. Great stuff!

jan clinton g's picture

is it compatible on sketchup 8?

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Hi hdpv
thanks for the update 3.0.1

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select faces and 1 COMPONENT ,(delete old version s4u_toComponent,restart sketchup )

Andrew B's picture

Hi everytime i try to do what your doing it does not work? i have done the same as you but when i press button nothing happens? please help thanks

lele's picture

Great plugin! i'm in waiting for the update! thanks

Suforyou's picture

Hi,v3.0.0 waiting for accept from Warehouse.

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Hi Suforyou all your new plugins are great ... having fun testing new versions of s4u - to Components

EDIT= Ok thanks for the reply.

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Oh wow! That is sick! (totally awesome as the gen "yers" would say) this is amazing. The latest plugins are now at a whole new level! Go programmers go!


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