s4u Align
Align selected objects.Press TAB -> Align or Align-Move.Press hold Shift -> multiselect.Press hold Ctrl(Alt on Mac) -> Copy.
s4u Align

Align Axis ,Construction line and BoundingBox.

Align selected objects.

Press TAB -> Align or Align-Move.

Press hold Shift -> multiselect.

Press hold Ctrl(Alt on Mac) -> Align and Copy.


optimaforever ..'s picture

Strange... It eventually asks me nolicense file... I installed it via extension manager though...

Peter K.'s picture

Has anyone found out why this does not work in sketchup2017.
Still keep getting the error message No license for product (-1)

Worked fine in version 2016.
Ever since I have upgraded to version 2017 hasn't worked.

Peter Klein

I can't get it to work in either 2017 or 2018

Alexander H's picture

Same for me. SketchUp 2017 Mac Version. Hope somebody can tell how to fix it.

Suforyou's picture

You see this help link :

Cross Surveys L.'s picture

This was exactly what I needed to align faces of a geodesic dome. Thank you.

Jason W's picture

I purchased this and now I'm getting an error that I've installed this on too many computers. I only have it installed on one. How can I fix this?

I've purchased but still I get the "trial expired" message...!

Danny B's picture

Any luck getting this plugin to work? I can't seem to get the trial, nor will it let me purchase!

C.J. Choi's picture

The trial version 3.3.1 not work under windows10 64bit, sketchup pro 2016.(No license for product -1)

Also, I cannot find purchase button anywhere in Extension Warehouse.

How can i use s4u aligntool?

kiwi10's picture

I use this plugin a lot, together with the ($25) "2DXY SlickMoves" and the (free) "MoveIt v2.1" plugins ( http://sketchucation.com/plugin/826-jf-moveit ), to align and move objects around in my models. Takes a bit time to get used to, but it is well worth the effort. I recommend this plugin from s4u.

L c's picture
L c

how do we license this plugin ? I cannot find any option to do so.......

tomasz c's picture

no licence for product (-1) Why? I can't even buy this extension because 'EW' telling me I have this extension already installed ;/

Chris H.'s picture

I have exactly the same problem. No trial install option, installed and have $7.00 alongside the extension in My Extensions. Can't see how to either trial, activate or purchase the extension. Did you ever get this sorted?

Suforyou's picture

The trial is enable on Sketchup 2015 and later.

Fırat K.'s picture

Thanks, looking exactly for that!

Giuseppe S.'s picture

genius... the nbest plugin ever :)
how can I make to donate you a cup of coffee?

Martin K's picture

Suppose you have an object, such as a bathroom fixture that doesn't have rectangular edges, but when you select it there is a bounding box surrounding the object. And, you wish to align a side of the bounding box with some other feature. How do you select one of the edges of the bounding box?

Suforyou's picture

you can add line or guide line in bounding box then align with it.

Russ S's picture

I downloaded this tool, saved it in my tools folder, exited sketchup and re-opened project but I still can't get Sketchup to recognize this tool, what am I doing wrong?

Suforyou's picture

see link

Brian B's picture

I can't get this tool to work. It will only resize objects to align faces. I want to move my objects to align faces. hitting tab swithes from align to align + move but that makes no difference in what the tool does. It always resized to the second face selected. The written instruction are very unclear and I've played with it for a long time but can't get it to work.

I have Sketup Make 2015

Suforyou's picture

Group objects then Align. If you select faces ,it move only faces.

Mark F's picture

I accidentally closed the window with the s4uAlignTool icon. How do I get it back?

huong giang N.'s picture

bạn vào View / Toolbars
tick vào Su 4u

Suforyou's picture

Menu : View >> Toolbars... select s4u-aligntool

Ernst V's picture

Thanks for making this plugin available! It works great!

Christian F's picture

great plugin, will donate a cup of coffee for you

Buse A.'s picture

saved my life tonight. thanks!

Chris H's picture

Great plug-in!!! Makes life a lot simpler.

Suforyou's picture

Thanks all! update version 1.1.0 for new feature.

Craig K.'s picture

This is very intuitive and clean. Perfect for aligning groups or align/resizing entity

Craig K.'s picture

This is very intuitive and clean. Perfect for aligning groups or align/resizing entity

Hunz n's picture

easy to use. Great !!!!

Estúdio Dig A's picture

Very simple, faster and good

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