Ruby Console+
A simple & powerful companion for your coding adventures in SketchUp
The Console that let's your rubies shine! A simple and powerful companion for your coding adventures in SketchUp.
  • The Console that let's your rubies shine! A simple and powerful companion for your coding adventures in SketchUp.
  • Console dialog with autocompletion and documentation tooltips.
  • File editor with quick open function.
  • Switch from the console to the editor and open a file for editing.
  • "Select entity" to get a reference for it. When inspecting entities in the console, they are highlighted in the model.
  • Open the documentation browser for the currently focused token.
Ruby Console+

This is a powerful Ruby Console with IDE features like code highlighting, autocompletion and a code editor.  It lets you open multiple independent instances of the console and remembers the command history over sessions.



(Menu) Window → Ruby Console+

There are two modes:

  • Console The console is a command line interface to try out codes and inspect return values.
    With the Enter ↵ key, code will be evaluated (use ⇧ Shift+Enter ↵ for line breaks).

  • Editor The editor is a full-featured text editor. Here you turn code into a script and save it as a file.


  • Tutorials: You don't know any programming? No problem, because SketchUp is the coolest opportunity to get started and it's super easy with the famous "Try Ruby" interactive tutorial that is included with this extension.

  • Autocompletion and doc tooltips: Intelligent live autocompletion tells you not only which methods you can call next on a reference but provides you also with detailed info on how to correctly use them. Use Tab ↹ to accept a suggestion.

  • Entity inspection: Hover an entity or point in the console output and you will see it highlighted in the model.

  • Select Get a reference to an entity in the model by picking it with the pointer.
    No more selecting and doing Sketchup.active_model.selection[0]. By holding the ctrl key when the main window is focused, you can select points and by holding the shift key you can turn on inferencing.

  • Remembers which scripts you reload and reloads scripts automatically whenever they are changed.

  • Clear Clear the console (Ctrl+ L )

  • Help Open online documentation for the currently focused word (beta) (Ctrl+ Q )

  • Menu Menu with preferences

  • Binding: An advanced feature that allows to step into an object or class and call methods or access instance variables as if you were locally inside of the class source definition. Try to set binding to Math and you can directly call math functions like sqrt without NameError.

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