RpTreeMaker is a free add-on for SketchUp to create custom Tree Components. The custom trees are stored in SketchUp as 2D - always face camera - trees.

RpTreeMaker is a free add-on for SketchUp to create custom Tree Components.

The latest versions runs with SketchUp 2018 as well as earlier versions.

  • Create custom, fractal trees for your models
  • Share tree design on the 3D warehouse.
  • Trees will render as full, fractal trees in IRender nXt
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RpTreeMaker generates fractal trees based on parameters - tree type, number of trunks, number of roots, age, bending parameters, etc. - and the creates a tree image and places the tree as a 2D, always-face-camera, component into SketchUp.

For more information see: RpTreeMaker Free


For IRender nXt users, the RpTreeMaker tree will automatically re-render as a full, fractal, 3D tree.

The 2D Trees will work properly with SketchUp, including shadows, and most other rendering packages.

What others have to say

Al that is fantastic! Amazing. Thanks. I've just got out of bed, it is snowing outside, so a good day to stay in and draw trees." - lineal

Hey Al, this is just great!! Thanks heaps! I can see an explosion of vegetation in SU models! - Stu
Simply amazing Al! Thanks for this, - Chris
Thanks Al, very useful. And continue your great work at Renderplus. - Burkhard


A new way to add depth and realism to your SketchUp model.
Quickly and easily add a large variety of trees to your SketchUp model.
Create custom trees to match any setting.
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