Rotated Rectangle Tool Example
A tool to create rectangles in arbitrary orientations.
Rotated Rectangle Tool Example

This extension is an old version of SU 2015's rotated rectangle tool.  It is intended to be an example for ruby developers who want to build custom tools.  The tool enables you to draw a rectangle by first drawing the length (in any direction) and then the width (in any direction). 


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This extension is an old version of SU 2015's rotated rectangle tool. It is intended to be an example for ruby developers who want to build custom tools.

Thanks for this solution.Am always looking for this kind of help.Many many thanks to you for this amazing solution.Thank you so much.

Any chance this can be signed for and be made compatible with Sketchup 2017?

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This looks to be a useful tool, but how does one access it?

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Good tool! One thing though, can you have it be a button in the tool set? Maybe have it as a option under the line scroll button or a hot key.


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hi jon,

u can make shortcut keys if u want. i used shift r in my shortcut preference.



why cant i install this on 2015, i love the new version and it has its use but this version i would like to have also as i see it at times more simple

for instance you can click and input values one at a time with this tool but not the new version

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so nice plugin, I've replaced it with native rectangle tool...

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This plugin is great. I replace the "R" shorcut for normal rectangle to use just this one. I have just one problem with this plugin: If you intersect two rectangles made with this tool it wont be so easy to delete those coplanar edges that intersection produce.

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Would be nice if it incorporated the protractor tool to establish the angle.

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Very useful

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bettar if can specifythe angle too??

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Does this have a shortcut? not seeing one on my screen. I can get to it through the tools dropdown, but no tab


It's very help

Nice Thank's

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This is a plug-in that should have been included with the standard SketchUp commands.


z l


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