Rotate and Scale
Rotate and scale in one operation.
Rotate and Scale

Scale and rotate in one operation. Perfect for adjusting an image, such as a terrain map to scale.

The scaling is a uniform 3D scaling operation.

  1. Select everything you want to rotate-scale
  2. Tools » RotaScale
  3. Pick point of origin
  4. Pick a second reference point
  5. Pick a third reference point that will determine the rotation and scaling


Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Rotate and Scale

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Michał P's picture

Super-useful! I was dreaming of AutoCAD-like scaling in SetchUp :D

Have you considered adding "clone" (copy) feature?

Diogo M's picture

Awesome! Works juts perfect. And gives me a way to scale using references points. Perfect!!!! Thank you very much.

bsbr's picture

Extremely useful tool,
Thank you very much..

ava M.'s picture

Extremely useful tool, allowing me to connect a spring to some point in space in just three clicks, instead of creating tons of guides, then making two rotations and scaling.

Big thx to ThomThom for this and other plugins!