Rotate 90
Rotate the selected component(s) and/or group(s) 90 degrees.
Rotate 90

Rotate the selected component(s) and/or group(s) 90 degrees.  Option appears on the context menu (right click), and any of the 3 primary axes can be selected.  Designed to be mapped to a shortcut key.  As you know, if you want to map a shortcut key to a context menu command, you must have a component selected before you open the Preferences windows and select shortcuts.  Look for it under Edit/Item.


Hallo This wäre ein nettes und nutzbares tool aber der dreht die Grups / Komponenten NUR in eine richtung und zwar - in gegenuhrzeigersinn.........dann muss man diese extra Flippen.....:(....dies wäre besser dass man mit dem zb. CTRL oder Alt Taste in anderen Richtung drehen kann.....Grüße aus Österreich (Austria) - Peter...:)

I am very thankful daiku for this extension.
I am using SketchUp Pro 2018 and this extension saves lot of time for me!
The extrension works fine even if it is not indicated SU 2018 compatibility.
I use SU for architecture designs witm my own library, but library elements needs to be
rotated according to the wall direction.
By allocating "Rotate 90" functions to shortcuts "R", "G", "B" I can rotate my building elements
to be placed on the design by one click only.
It saves me hours on one design.

If such extension does not exists, I would need to write it my own.

Thanks again daiku!

This is a great plug-in but I'm finding the same issue as previously mentioned.
It would be more useful to me to have it rotate around the insertion points for the work I do.
I have tried replacing the ( to (0,0,0), but it rotates around the origin for the project rather than the origin of the component, any ideas how to make this the insertion point of the component rather than the world..


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Hey Tony. Brave of you to try to hack it on your own! You're on the right track, and you've figured out whats wrong. You need to transform that (0,0,0) into the components space, which you can do like this:

ctr =,0,0)
rp = #rotation point

Good luck! CB.

SU2017 - I was expecting it to rotate around the local component axis

but it seems to rotate around the axis of the bounding box

This sort of makes it useless as the component axix is in a very specific point,,

the bounding box axix is not

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"Useless" is a little harsh. My main use for it is to rotate a component after I pull it out of the library, but before I place it. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations. Enjoy using manual rotate tool.

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Dear Diaku,

My apologies , yes "useless" was unfair and I retract that unequivocally..

Nevertheless, I need the rotate to occur around the component insert point [axis], not the bounding box

As the insert point in my components has a meaningful relationship with the architecture it is being inserted into.

If bounding box rotation is all you need they your plugin works well on 2017

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When I originally wrote this, I had it rotating around the origin, which would give the behavior you are describing. But since most of my components have the origin in one corner, I found it "swung around" too much. So I switched it to the center of the bounding box. I can look into adding a configuration option, but meanwhile, if you are feeling adventurous, you can hack your own version by editing line #33 of the file Rot90/CB_Rot90/rot90.rb. I think if you change "" to "0.0.0" it will do what you want. You may need to experiment a little. CB.

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This works in 2016 - just confirmed

Kreg N.'s picture

Kyle, thank you for your services.

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Cant get it to show up in 2016 after install.

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Right click on a group or component. Should be a new context menu item "Rotate 90". Then you get a new menu where you pick the axis.

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Cant set a shortcut to it. Use to be able to.

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To map ANY item from a context menu (including rotate 90), you must have an appropriate component selected before you open the window to set shortcuts. That tells sketchup which items to put in the list of commands under "Edit | Item". It needs to know what kind of item.

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Great Extension! Tied it to a shortcut key and I wish I would have had this years ago! Thanks very much!

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i would like use this plugin but its not working:( after installation can not find it into shortcuts

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try selecting a group or component before you go to your preferences menu. I had to do this before it showed up as an option in my shortcuts menu.

A welcome set of functions to have, especially for items that are shaped so it's difficult to rotate on the correct axis. I'd definitely even spend some screen real-estate to have them as buttons. {hint}

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Having the same problem as the above two. I have had this problem with 4 out of the 5 extensions I have tried to install. Am I doing something wrong? I got Chris Fullmer's PFT to work.. but not this one and two other.
Clark B's suggestion doesnt work as the extension is already installed and the files are in the plugin folder.
The problem is that nothing shows up in SketchUp
SU13 windows 7

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This extension places new menu items in the *context menu*. That's the menu that appears when you right click on an object. It only works for components and groups. Please make sure that's how you are using it.

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I have never like SU's native rotate. This is a GEM. Simple. Has also helped me learn the "axis" in the one week since I downloaded it that in the 2 years I've been using SU. THANK You.

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I have the same problem that Matthew has. I do everything what Clark B says and nothing happen. Please, help!

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This is a great time-saver. I use it all the time (Rotate 90 around blue is mapped to a shortcut key). Thank you!

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Running SU v 8.0.16846 put the plugin in my plugins folder, restarted SU and it doesn't seem to show up anywhere. Not in the context menu, not as an entry in shortcuts either. I may be doing something wrong but I've gotten several other extensions to work. Please advise.

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This is a .rbz file, which is Sketchups new way of packaging plugins. You need to open the preferences window, choose extensions, and then press the "Install Extensions" button. Navigate to the location of the .rbz file, and select it.

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