A SketchUp plugin to model ropes, cables, wires by physics simulation

Create super-realistic ropes quickly and easily


The algorithm simulates a rope that drops downward to the bottom of the model. The falling rope can be blocked by obstacles in the way. The two ends of the rope won't fall down as they are fixed.

1. Activate the line tool and draw a polyline defining the initial shape of the rope.

2. Activate the select tool and select the polyline.

3. Click menu Draw → Ropefall → Fall.

4. Specify rope parameters and click the 'ok' button to start simulation.

5. Wait until simulation ends or stop it with the Esc key.



- you can make the simulation faster by hiding parts of the model that do not block the rope from falling. 

- place some additional objects into the way of falling to form the shape of the rope


Try free for three days, purchase a licence for USD 15. See for details.

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