Set current page style to others pages.

[Re]Scene is a plugin that will allow you to apply the current page style to other pages that are included in animation with just one click.


  • [Re]Style - One click solution for updating styles properties to scenes included in animation.
  • [Re]Name - Renames all scenes included in animation and adds incrementing number at the end.
  • [Re]Order - Repositions all scenes in alphabetical order.

Menus & Toolbars

  • Plugins » Renderiza Tools » [Re]Scene
  • Context Menu » [Re]Scene
  • Toolbars » [Re]Scene


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Re-Scene.....that's great

CGonz T.'s picture

Excellent and very useful! My alternative to the good old SceneRename v.1.000 by Todd Burch (Pending update for 2015!) that I always use to reorder my scenes.

[Re]order button- does not reorder but makes disorder :) Please rename it to "Jumble" or "Randomize". IMHO, the word "reorder" has double meaning, and the first meaning that comes to my mind is "sorting it properly" and not literally "re ordering" the order or randomizing it :)

Nurlan A.'s picture

How to create scenes? dialog window freezes or what can't use it. mac os version

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thanks a lot, please can u tell me about an animation plugin that can capture the intercation as a scene for the dynamical tool

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i love the (re)scene

Akeel R's picture

So Sketchup lacks an important tool especially for people who want to create a fly through in their model and setup scenes from same perspectives. I want to be able to easily organise my scenes by highlighting as many scenes as I can in scene manager and shift them, instead sketchup only allows you to move one scene at a time which takes forever!! also another is to be able to inherit scenes from another sketchup model surely this could be easily be done, instead i'm having to copy over my model and pasting it in place in the other sketchup model with the correct scenes I want. This can takes ages as models can be very large. Will one of your programming Masters develop a tool for this? its definitely not been done and have no clue why since it is a very simple and useful plugin

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Hi, Alex B,

The style needs to be updated because if you make changes to existing style and select another the one that you had previously will lose the modifications you made. You will be notified when selected style needs updating because if you have the Style Window open the thumbnail image will have refresh symbol over it. Just click thumbnail image again to quickly update style and you are ready to use the plugin.

Best regards,

Alex B's picture

Your video shows the use of existing or already defined styles that comes with the package.Do you have to save a new or modified style as a style to transfer to all pages?
best regards,

Hans H's picture

Hi Renderiza.
This plugin dosent work on my Mac OsX.

Rafael Rivera's picture

Hi, Hans H,

Will look into this to see if the compatibility issue can be resolved, but not owning a Mac OsX will make it little bit more difficult. Asking the sketchUcation community for testing the plugin on their Macs will be ideal to solve this issue.

Best regards,

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