Repaint Face
Quickly change the color of faces, even when nested inside components.
Repaint Face

If many faces need to be changed to the same color, this tool can speed up a tedious process.  When the tool is activated, you are asked to pick a color.  Then, double click on any face you want to repaint - even if it's inside a component.  The rules for components still apply - change one, and you change them all.  But this tool keeps much of the functionality of the select tool.  You can still single click to select components, and you can right click (so you can make unique, for example).

Version 1.1.1: Tool Icon was missing from package.

Version 1.1.2: Updated for SU2016

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Repaint Face (1.1.2); January 11, 2016
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I was a professional timber framer for ten years, and I learned Sketchup to design houses for my clients. Before I started timber framing, I was a professional software developer. I found myself with the right cross-section of skills to create these timber framing extensions for Sketchup. I'm back to writing code for a living now, but still teach timber framing, and 3D CAD for Timber Framers.