Regular polyhedra
Draws any of the five Platonic solids at the origin, set to size by length of edge or radius (of circumscribed sphere). Parametric size of drawn object can be changed by right click
Regular polyhedra

Plugin to draw the five Platonic solids (Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron and Icosahedron), size specified by either radius or side of solid.

Install the plugin in the usual way [see notes at Sketchup Knowledge Centre - Installing Ruby Plugins (].

Enable or disable the plugin via Window>Preferences>Extensions [Polyhedra Tool]

After installation, you should find a new Draw menu item Polyhedra, with a sub-menu for each shape.

At the first prompt, choose whether to specify the size by length of one side, or by the radius (of a circumscribed sphere).

At the second prompt, enter any valid length, in any valid units, for either Side or Radius as previously chosen, press OK, and the solid will be drawn as an un-named Group at the origin. You will get an error message if your entry cannot be parsed as a length by Sketchup.

To Move the solid to another location, select Menu/View/Face Style/X-ray or /Wireframe to allow you to see the  cpoint at the centre of the solid, pick it, then Move or Copy to new location.

To edit the solid, right click on it and choose Edit <name of solid>. This will prompt for a new value for the size. 

To change to sizing it by radius rather than side, or vice versa, delete the solid and draw it again.

For support, email or raise an issue on GitHub -

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