Raylectron Sketchy Mesh
Create a 3D mesh based on a function plot
Raylectron Sketchy Mesh

Create complex terrain and shapes based on a function plot formula, z=f(x,y). Basically, the mesh is flat on the X and Y axis and the function calculate the z axis which then form the mesh elevation. Is is very easy to use and has example formulas.

The grid size is in the range of 0..n where n is the grid size, so to plot for -1..1 you would set the grid size to 2 and in the editor, you'd use x-=1 and y-=1 to bring x and y from 0..2 to the -1.1 range. You can modify the value of x and y and use any mathematical functions available in Ruby, The last line that return the final value for z should not be an assignment, for example, sin(x+y) should be used instead of z = sin(x+y)

The created mesh will be at the origin and not grouped, so make sure nothing is hiding or overlapping it unless you need to. The size is in the SketchUp unit and is set according to the grid size. You need to resize the mesh to the dimension you need unless the grid size is the correct dimension.

It is also best to turn on "Hidden geometry" to see the mesh triangles so that you can adjust the maximum number of polygon created to make it as smooth as required.

Play with it and if you are good in math, I'm sure you'll find great use for it and make some very interesting shapes.

The complexity of the mesh depend on your math skills. You can find many such formulas online, search for "function plot" or "f(x,y)"

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