Rational Bezier Surface Properties
Tools to edit degree(s) and no. of segments of rational Bezier rectangle and triangle surfaces
Rational Bezier Surface Properties

Once a Bezier surface created using Bezier Surfaces from Curves, Bezier Surface of RevolutionRational Bezier Surface Tool or Bezier Triangle Tool is selected, the corresponding properties tool, demonstrated in the animations above and described below, becomes accessible in the extension's toolbar, in the Right Mouse Button Context Menu and under the Edit menu's Group submenu.

Activating the properties tool brings up a input box showing the current degree(s) and number of segments of the selected surface and allows you to enter new values for them. Clicking on OK in the input box will update the surface with the new values and put you in the editing mode for the surface. Editing allows you to move the control points and control lines or modify the weights of the control points. The input box can then be brought back up anytime the tool is active by clicking on Properties in the Right Mouse Button Context Menu.

Degree elevation - After modifying the control points, control lines and weights a few times, it may turn out that a degree n surface does not possess sufficient flexibility to model the desired shape. This tool lets the user increase the degree(s) of the selected surface, yet leaves the shape of the surface unchanged.

Number of Segments - Change the number of segments/subdivisions used for displaying and representing the selected surface to make it finer and look better or coarser and reduce the polycount.