Projections and guide tools
Set of 16 tools: 9 guide tools and 7 projection tools to ease your drawing process
Projections and guide tools

This set of tools is intended to provide several guide tools and projection tools to ease your drawing process. Tested with SU8 and SU2013.

Please see file "HowToCustomize.txt" if you want to translate the plugin into your own language.

  • Each guide tool uses the color you set for the guides in your current style when it creates guides,
  • All temporary displays that are parallel to XYZ axes are colored in red, green, blue respectively.
  • Almost every tools use custom cursors and inference
  • All tools are working with lines, faces, guides, that are within groups and components, as well as at "model" level of course.
  • An automatic "clean-up" routine erases all double guides (superimposed guides) each time you use a tool.
  • All tools are "undoable".
  • All tools check that a selection exists (if needed) and filter objects types within the selection to ignore incorrect objects.


I use this extension every day. I'd like to make a quick video recommending it to others. Are you happy for me to do this? Can we communicate via email?

Give me your email I will send you the document translated into Russian. He translated himself. To run the plugin could not. My mail

arnold L.'s picture

Unfortunately the lines projections doesn't seem to work on Sketchup 2015.
All I can get is faces projections....
Are any updates planed ?

D.Bur's picture

The plugin (and the command you mentionned) works on SU2014,2015,2016 and 2017. Maybe something wrong with the model itself ?

can't start the file with translation into Russian

D.Bur's picture

Did you get the translation file from somebody or did you translate yourself ?
IMHO there's an error somewhere in the file format (syntax).
If you send it to me I'll take a look at it.

I have used this great tool for a long time but I'm actually missing the possibility to bind a keyboard shortcut for the "Guides through Lines" function.

Unfortunately all these great functions of this tool don't appear inside the shortcuts dialog.

Any thoughts?

Excellent tool, ty D.Bur. Installs itself like a charm in SU 2016 Maker / Win 10 - 64b

Olivier D's picture

Pour moi, une extension indispensable ! Le pousser-tirer suivant un vecteur idéal pour la création de volume de toiture, des guides dans tous les sens... Parmis les extensions à installer d'office avec Sketchup, en plus c'est en français !

Mille merci !

Olav K.'s picture

Does this not project on non-flat faces? I would like to project on the side of a cylinder

D.Bur's picture

As you may know, there are no non-flat faces in SketchUp, a cylinder is just a set of narrow vertical flat faces. There are no arc-like guides, too.
So to project a line or face on the side of a cylinder, display the hidden geometry so you'll be able to select a face on the cylinder to project geometry onto it.

vilaimiller D.'s picture

Thanks, for good tools

Michael C's picture

Doesn't seem to be accessible after downloading. Where is the extension saved? Not in toolbars or any other menu so far. Maybe a reboot...

D.Bur's picture

Menu Display > Toolbars > Projections

Kevin M.'s picture

Is this extension only toolbar-accessible?

D.Bur's picture

Hi Kevin,
Short answer: yes

julien b's picture

a very usefull tool.
works perfectly with SU2015



Alexandru B.'s picture

Great extension!

I would definitely need a tool similar to "project faces on faces along a vector", but not with parallel projection. Instead, imagine I have a spot light source (like a point in space), a face to be projected, and then a face to be projected on. What I want is to project the face just as the shadow would be projected using that light.

I hope it makes sense.

I can't seem to find any extension to do just that.


Hannu L's picture

Installs without problems to SU2015/Windows 7. At least "Project lines perpendicularly on faces" tool works as I expected. I'm a newbie to SU and 3D drawing in general, so I haven't any test scenarios for other tools yet.

pbedard47's picture

It is the tool which I use most. I hope somebody could adapt it for SU 2015. It is the most poweful tool for SU.

Clayton T.'s picture

To all,

I concur with others who have installed the PROJECTIONS & GUIDE TOOLS for SU Pro 2014, it works just as it did in SU 2013. I've been using it for 2 weeks now, no problems at all.

I conclude that SU HQ ought to be saying it is compatible, fantastic extension.

Over & out,

Alexander L.'s picture

For those who are hesitant - I've installed this extension in SU Pro 2014. So far, everything seems to be working fine. I used it in previous versions of SU - it's a great tool. Some of its features should be part of SU.

Robert S.'s picture

I just installed it in SU 2014 and tried most of the commands. Seems to work just fine.


Eric J.'s picture

Ce plugin m'a sauvé la journée. MERCI

Rashid Ali India's picture

Gr8 for architecture...........................................

Fabian M.'s picture

Is not work in SU Pro 2014 ???

Clayton T.'s picture

To all,

I just checked again as of March 23rd 2014 on my SU Pro extension warehouse & it still say's this extension was uninstalled as not compatible. I generally don't like work-arounds, so need SU HQ to validate this asap.

I hope SU HQ gives this the thumbs up soon, I'm still using SU Pro 2013 in the meantime. (I use Win 7 Professional)

I'll only use it again when this has been confirmed. Any news from the author in the meantime will be most appreciated, seems a bit quiet, you must be on Holiday..!!! :-) I really need this extension for SU Pro 2014, as it's gathering dust. I can't see me using SU Pro 2014 until this has been resolved, as I use this extension all the time, can't work without it.

Over & out,

Clayton T.'s picture

To all,

Great extension, but SU Pro 2014 say's it's been removed as not compatible, h'mmmmm.....can the author let us know when this will be updated...........back to SU Pro 2013 in the meantime.

Over & out,

Eric L's picture

Wow! Thank you D. Bur. This tool is very helpful in creating exploded views of models to help explain the construction process to clients.

-Eric Lindstrom, AIA

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