Profile Builder 2
25% Off! Regular $59.99 on for $44.99 for a limited time!
Profile Builder 2

25% Off!  Regular $59.99 on for $44.99 for a limited time!


Profile Builder is a fast and flexible parametric modelling and easy BIM solution for SketchUp.  It has become an ESSENTIAL SketchUp plugin for thousands of users world-wide. By using Profile Builder, you will be able to model faster than ever before. Not only that, your models will be SMARTER, and adaptable to design changes.

You will also be able to generate instant quantity reports and real-time cost estimates that are driven by your SketchUp model.

Parametric Profiles – Say Good-bye to Follow-Me!

The core of Profile Builder is the ability to create smart extrusions (Profile Members) using parametric profiles. A profile can be any shape and can even be a polyline.  Create a Profile Member by clicking path points in your model, or select a series of edges in your model to extrude the Profile along the path and never have to resort to the Follow-Me tool again!

Create smart mouldings, framing, piping, railings, roofing, walls, and foundations – the possibilities are endless!

Create and Save Custom Profiles

Profiles can be saved to your local library complete with custom name, orientation (anchor point, offsets, rotation), dimensions, material and layer.  Create a new Profile simply by drawing a face in your model and adding it as a new Profile.  Once you save the profile, you can load it and then re-use it in future projects.

Parametric Assemblies – Combine Profiles and Components

Imagine modeling a complex railing, multi-layer wall, fence, stud-wall, staircase, or road in seconds!  The Profile Builder Assembler lets you create and save fully customizable parametric smart assemblies.  You will be absolutely amazed with what you can do with Assemblies in Profile Builder!

Don’t want to make your own assemblies?  No problem!  Just download one of the many pre-made assemblies from the 3D Warehouse and customize it to make it your own!

Cost Estimates and Quantity Take-offs – Easy BIM!

Profile Builder 2 also includes a complete real-time cost estimating and reporting featurethat we call the ‘Quantifier’.  The Quantifier is easy-to-use, adaptable and scale-able to suit the level of detailed required for your reporting and cost estimates.  Quantifier supports custom cost codes, precision, currency formatting, as well as export to external spreadsheet software.  It is being used by estimators, engineers, and builders around the world!  Learn More

Build a Profile Along Any Path – Profiles Stay the Correct Orientation

One of the biggest complaints about the SketchUp Follow Me tool is how the profile orientation tends to rotate along complex paths.  Profile Builder can handle any path you throw at it and will always maintain the expected orientation of the Profile.

Revolve a Profile

You can also revolve a Profile in one click to create a parametric 3D revolved Profile Member.  These types of objects are normally time-consuming to create in SketchUp but Profile Builder can do it in seconds!  Learn More

Smart-Path Selection

The Smart-Path Select tool is useful for quickly selecting a specific path of edges among other complex geometry.

Post-Editing Tools

When we say Profile Builder is parametric, we mean it! Any smart Profile Member or Assembly created with Profile Builder 2 can be edited after creation by adjusting intelligent parameters. Change the profile, material, height, width, orientation, and even the extrusion path after creation.  Use the Extend Tool to adjust the length of the Profile Member and use the built-in Trimming Tools to apply the finishing touches.

 In a recent survey of our customers, 42%  said that they use Profile Builder in over 90% of their SketchUp projects and 74% said that they use it in OVER HALF of their SketchUp projects.

In the same survey, over 25% said that Profile Builder could save them over 100 hours of work per year!  And 47% said that it could save them over 50 hours per year!

What is your time worth?  Would you pay $60 to save 50 hours of work?  What about 100 hours?

Profile Builder has become one of the most popular SketchUp extensions around the world because it can increase your productivity in so many ways.  You WILL save time and model faster than ever before with Profile Builder.  Order a 30 day free trial now and…prepare for lightspeed!


i just bought a lincese from this website but i didn't receive any lincese, everybody can help me please :(. Was i fooled? :( (I didn't buy it from; i bought it from this website)

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hi Vu, thanks for purchasing! You don't need a license key when you purchase from the Extension Warehouse. See our FAQ for details for how to activate your license:

thank You

mwm5053's picture

Dale this plugin is great, I've used the original PB for years but the ability to create my own profiles and the assembly builder really made this chain possible.

Tom & Penelope J's picture

Best plugin ever. Been using it for years and it's never failed us—nor has Dale when we've had a question or two...

I want to create some items such as footing and manage them estimate cost but the footing is not aprofile type. So how to do it? If PB can only create object with profile by extruding then it need to be added this feature i mentioned. A little bit boring.

I just installed SU 2016 then i get profile builder from warehouse, it show me that i have 30 days trial but i can not use any features and the SU says that have a problem with the license. Can you help me? I wanna use trial before purchasing the licensed one. Tks

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hello Thang - please contact us at the customer support email on this page. This area is meant for reviews only. Thanks!

i just bought a lincese from this website but i didn't receive any lincese, everybody can help me please :(. Was i fooled? :( (I didn't buy it from; i bought it from this website)

Edward R's picture

Does this program actually work with SU 2015? Although it is listed in the specs. as being compatible with SU 2016 and SU 2017, everything I have read in the threads above say it will work with 2015. When I open SketchUp 2015, the first thing it tells me is that it is only compatible with '16 and '17, and that I need to unload the install files. Is there a workaround? Thanks for any input that anyone can provide - Ed R.

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hi Edward - the original release two years ago did indeed work with SU2015 but since version 2.1, only SU2016 and newer are supported. If you have more questions, please contact me at the support email shown on this page. Thanks!

Laurent D's picture

Excellent ! thanks

mwm5053's picture

Dale this plugin is great, I've used the original PB for years but the ability to create my own profiles and the assembly builder really was a time saver. After I got my head around the assembly builder it was easy and really performed better than I expected.
Well with the money

Jacob P.'s picture

Just brilliant.

Scot B.'s picture

I have to say Dale (aka Whaat), words cannot describe what an awesome job you have done with the Profile tool. It was great when it was just a 2D profile with a follow me function but the new one with the assembly part is over the top.
From the first time I opened it I was in love. It is so versatile and easy to use it has become one of my most used tools.

emahfuz's picture

The reason PB2 was not working with SU2017 was a conflict with Smartdrop. Once I disabled that extension my problems were over.

Thanks, Dale.

Perfect !
very nice plugin and great support
together with Skalp and layout this is my workflow
and it's even easy to export to DWG (for the 2D freaks ;)

tomasz c's picture

I use this for 3 months I need to say this is a masterpiece .

mind.sight.studios's picture

Thank you very much!


wingchun K.'s picture

i would just lik to say that this plugin has been one of the best purchases i have made,
it saves me so much time, i use it to build all of my details along with constant use for builidng elements for house designing, including guttering, rain water pipes, steps, fencing, retaning walls, window trim,etc, the count is endless, anybody that is thinking of buying this should purchase right away, especially with the discount given,

if you open your mind on how to use this plugin then the uses are endless

happy sketchuping


Arnold R's picture

Hi Whaat, Thanks for the free trial period, I just bought the full version and am looking forward to getting good at it. I glimpsed the capabilities but I can see its going to take some practise to get things to be just where I want them.

John B.'s picture

This plugin is a MUST have. I use it daily in my workflow and cannot imagine modeling in SketchUp without it. Profiles alone were great before in version 1, but the Assembly function is amazing. It can take some trial and error to build assemblies, but it is fun and easy and will save you countless hours thereafter. You can add components and profiles to assemblies, which saves a lot of repetitive actions. You can pre-assign textures and layers to each profile for an additional time-saver. Great job!

Randyghraizy G.'s picture


wingchun K.'s picture

i just wanted to leave a quick note regarding this fantastic plugin, i really could not do without it, and it has increased my productivity along with more detailing very quickly,
i have managed to produce many details which i use daily, i undertsand from the developers point, it can be hard to understand how to put it all together,but just play about with it and it becomes easy,
i use this for roof eeaves detailing inc guttering and brackets, down pipes with brackets, insulated floor detailing , there really is no limit to what can be done with a little imagination

well done ,

keep up the good work

jvleearch's picture

I recently downloaded the trial version of the Profile Builder 2 extension and ultimately purchased it. This appears to be a powerful tool to include with SketchUp, but I could not find informative tutorials covering its use, although a help file is provided. Using the help file is cumbersome IMHO and it's usually easier to learn by following a well documented video file or a step by step manual as a teaching example. Is anyone aware of such a resource for this plugin?

I am becoming very enamored of this plugin, but I would still like to see comprehensive tutorials so that the most effective use can be gained from it. Have any more instructional materials been made available online or elsewhere? I had hoped to find clear information on how to construct the examples shown in the video accompanying the plugin purchase page. If that information was offered, it would help tremendously in furthering an understanding of how to best use the extension. So how about making a tutorial to specifically cover that, Whaat?

mind.sight.studios's picture

Thanks for your comments. More tutorials are in currently in the works and will be released soon.

pierre.bonnet0908's picture

Pierre B
Great job Whaat. Your plugin enhances the pleasure to work with SU and is usefull to professionnal especially when clients ask for an estimate and engineers ask for weight and materials, and so on... After compliments comes remarks...In the HTML report I have notice that the total cost is not the addition of the object cost and the surface cost but the object cost only. The cost showed in the PB quantifier window is the object cost. I suppose it sould be the total cost.
I have some problem struggling with the missing cost but it might come from my model.
Thank you again.

jvleearch's picture

This is a useful extension. I will be watching for any others. Any chance of seeing video tutorials to illustrate the process of creating the spiral stair, the ship's ladder and the railing assembly shown in the teaser for the extension?

Just purchased this extension but it was not an easy process. It required persistence and 6 attempts to have my credit card data validated. It should not be so difficult to pay for this online.

Santiago M.'s picture

This is one of the tools I could not use sketchup without. I bought the first version, after using the free one for a while. I use it a lot for everything, from creating simple window frames, to full piping and ductwork modelling.

Version 2 makes some big improvements in usability, allowing us to change profile dimensions on the fly (no need to create specific profiles for different pipe diameters...), to a simple way to assign material and layer properties before creating them. Also, a more transparent system to manage and create profiles (simple skp files, instead of a propietary file)

I have not even began to explore the assembly editor, have not had the time, but from the samples posted, it is really powerful. Also, a simple way of creating intersection between profiles.

Must have!!

Dale's picture

AWESOME. Huge time saver. Just downloaded today and saved a bunch of time on arched brick soldier courses by using making brick component and putting it in assembly. I was able to make really nice soldier courses both straight and arched. I can see such possibilities with the assemblies. Game on!

tomasz c's picture

WOW this is crazy!, I need that! even just for fun ..

10004iomthon .'s picture

Thanks, Whaat

Wade S's picture

I thought I loved the 1st Profile Builder! This is an amazing extension with so much potential it makes my head spin! This extension is going to change the way I model many things much faster and with greater control.

All of the added features and updates to the UI make this a no-brainer. I can't wait to begin creating my own assemblies and custom profile libraries.

Joseph Kim's picture

What a great tool this is. so many potential and uses.

Andrew C.'s picture

This is a real game changer! IMO the most flexible, versatile plugin for SketchUp in years!

EliBjr's picture

I will agree with Bob James here. This looks like a real winner. This is what Sketchup is all about. Powerful modelling at a reasonable cost! I will hope to install a copy this weekend! can't wait!

Bob James's picture

If you thought PB1 was a useful tool (and anyone who did/does, it is way beyond useful), just wait until you get PB2 (actually, don't wait). The new dynamic assemblies provide for some awesome quick draws. Hopefully, many more assemblies will be made and shared by the SU community.
This is without question a MUST HAVE extension.

Markitekt's picture

Another fantastic "must have" plug-in from Dale Martens. A great time saver for so many items.

Darryll P's picture

Amazing extension, now I really need a manual to make customized railings.

mind.sight.studios's picture

The manual can be found within the PB2 Help menu. A few sample railings are included with the plugin.

deleted's picture

I've tried it,truly amazing, one of must have plugin, thanks for this plugin.

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