Point Gadget (2015, 2014)
Import, create, visualize and export points
Point Gadget (2015, 2014)


* SketchUp 2016... please use Point Gadget 2


Point Creation Tools  


Set Location - Use this tool to set the xyz of the station location or model origin.  

  • Tip:  Use the SketchUp model axis to properly align imported data (images, cad info, etc) before shooting points. The green axis can be considered the North / backsight 


Shoot Tool - Use this tool to place point markers with your mouse.  The markers, and the points they represent, will be assigned ID numbers automatically

  • Tip:  When using the Shoot tool, it is a good idea shoot onto an actual surface.  
  • Tip:  The point markers used through the plugin are components.  If you decide not to use the Point Gadget tools to place a point marker and instead use the Component Browser to place your point, be sure to use the Point Gadget UPDATE tool to register them with the plugin.    

XYZ ToolUse this tool to place point markers one at a time using specific XYZ coordinates. 

WARNING! DO NOT COPY/PASTE Point Markers  - It may be tempting to copy and paste registered point markers (Registered = BLUE) but this is not advised as you will create duplicate point IDs.  Instead, use unregistered markers from the component browser (Unregistered = White).  After you have placed them in their correct locations, use the Update tool to register them with the plugin.   

If you created duplicate PointIDs and you need each market to be unique, a work around would be to export the points out as a CSV and then create unique point IDs in a spreadsheet editor.  


Line Creation Tool

Create Linework - Use this tool to create linework between pointmarkers with the same feature/description label

  • How to use:  Select 1 Point Gadget marker and activate the feature

The plugin will find all the all markers with identical labels and create linework between the marker points.  

    • The path of linework is based on assending PointID order 
    • The linework will be grouped and placed on its own layer


Information Viewers

Inspector ToolUse this tool to visualize the xyz location, point ID and the feature/description information of the point marker. Simply activate the tool and hover on a Point Gadget point marker.

Reporter Tool - Use this tool to generate a webdialog containing a list of Point Gadget point marker information.

  • Tip: Activating this tool with a selection set will only list the point markers contained in the selection.  If nothing is selected, the Reporter Tool will list all point markers in the model.


Modification Tools

Convert Tool - Use this tool to convert SketchUp construction points into point markers.

  • You will have the opportunity to add the Description/Feature label
  • The created markers will be placed on a layer based on the Description/Feature label
  • Tip: If you want to convert a subset of your construction points in your model, you can do one of the following:
    1. Select the specific construction points you want to convert first.
    2. Place the markers you DON'T want to convert into a group first.  Construction points placed within groups will not be converted

Update Tool - There are 2 main usecases for this tool.  

1) Use this tool to update any point markers with information that has been manually changed.  Example: You can change the point marker feature/description information by changing the marker's Component Instance NAME under the Entity info.  When the change is done, be sure to use the Update Tool to update 

2) If you place a marker through the Component Browser, you will notice that it is a white color and not green.  This signifies that there is no Point Gadget attribution assigned to the marker.  Use the Update Tool to automatically assign Point Gadget attribution.

  • Tip: If some of your markers have PointIDs = "NOT SET", select them and use the Update tool to apply new PointID values. 


Importer & Exporter tools

Import XYZ Tool - Use this tool to import CSV and TXT point file information.  

File information must be in the following format (Header is optional):


PointID | Coord (N or E) | Coord (E or N) | Coord Z | Feature/Description 


I find the CSV saved with Encoding = Unicode (UTF-8) & Line Breaks= WIndows (CRLF)  works well.


IMPORTANT - The point IDs contained in the file import will take priority over point marker ID's that already exist in the model.  Existing point markers will be reassigned new IDs automatically. 

IMPORTANT - The point IDs contained in the file import be assigned a RED designation color.  The markers will come in LOCKED so one can not accidentally move them.  If the user decides to unlock a Field marker/s and it is moved from its original location, the color designation will change to ORANGE.

IMPORTANT - This feature will only work with SketchUp versions 2014, 2015, 2016.

Export CSV Tool - Use this tool to export a CSV file containting point marker information. 

  • Tip: This tool will NOT export markers that are on a hidden layer.


"DO NOT"s:

  • Do NOT use SketchUp's Delete Guides feature while you have point markers in your model.   This will delete all the construction points in your model including the one located in the point markers.  The markers will still function BUT you will lose the visual location reference of the point the marker represents.
  • Do NOT manually paint point markers unless you know that they are "registered" with the plugin. White point markers are not registered (do not contain attribute data).  The plugin automatically colors them BLUE when they become registered.   

Finally...... A big thanks to those who helped in the creation of this plugin, including: Matt666, for allowing me to hack some of his code into a part of the Shooter tool. ChrisF, for ansering all my API questions. RichardH, ToddE & RobertB for helping with survey and layout workflows... and finally AlbertS & MarkH for providing some great feature ideas.


Version notes:

1.0 - Release

1.1 - Bug Fix - Installed Marker component down saved allowing for older versions of SketchUp (>= v8) to load the marker safely.

1.2 - Bug Fix - Fixed formatting for SU 8 (windows).  Also now listing the coordinate unit of measure in the Report and on the status bar while running the Inspector.


  • Plugin will now register existing points when initially activated.  This will allow proper functionality when you close your session and reopen.
  • New Markers and marker colors to designate between imported "Field" points (RED) and "Design" points created in SketchUp (BLUE).   Field points that are modified in SketchUp will also have a special designation (ORANGE).
  • All design points with a feature label set as the default "PointID" will have the ID number appended to the feature label

1.4 - Fixed model marker sync bug in the "Set Origin" feature.



  • Utilizing CSV ruby class to process the import/export of points, to fix the import problem and to make import/export more efficient
  • Removed TXT as an import option.
  • Corrected OnEntityChange component deletion check.
  • Compatibility change: SU 2014 and higher


1.9 Fixed parsing issue with characters in the feature/description column of CSV

 1.10 Fixed 2016 design marker issues


Great article !! Keep it up. Also, Recently I have wrote a post about https://www.androidstrike.com/download-odin/ . Please review it out of 10. I loudly appreciated your work with my friends.

Jeandre L.'s picture

I cannot import it in SUPro 2015. It says coordnate value ERROR for Point ID:1 and each following point. The format looks just like described under imports.

Ulrich P's picture

Hello there
I use a 3D Laser "Leica Disto S910 " from Leica geosystems.
Is ist possible to connect "Leica Disto S910 " to Point Gadget 2.
That way I could draw direct on site.

The Guys at Leica told me, that they would agree on connecting to their sofware.
Thanks for looking into it

Ulrich P's picture

Hello there
I use a 3D Laser "Leica Disto S910 " from Leica geosystems.
Is ist possible to connect "Leica Disto S910 " to Point Gadget 2.
That way I could draw direct on site.

The Guys at Leica told me, that they would agree on connecting to their sofware.
Thanks for looking into it

Andrew J's picture

I have the same laser. The Disto software can connect to the WLAN function on the laser.

Disclaimer: I am 50 years old. How do I delete or hide the red cones that appear with my imported points? Thanks!

Nsenor U.'s picture

How do I plot coordinates I got from google map or gps?

chiklopes L.'s picture

first must be said that's really an excellent plugin. simple fantastic.
I have sometimes a little problem with precision, thats mean it show integer number or just an decimal. how to set it up to get the decimal I want to have.
thanks a lot
PS.: I use Sketchup 15

CMD's picture

For all you 2016 users.....

Due to an API bug corrections, Point Gadget v1.10 does not work correctly on SU 2016. I will be changing the extension compatibility to 2014 & 2015 ONLY.

To get 2016 users up and running, I am releasing "Point Gadget 2" in the EWH
The dynamic nature of auto updating edited markers has been removed but I did implement semi auto updates as you use various tools.... ie the change may have minimal impact on your workflow .... if at all :-)

Look for it soon but if you have to have it now, feel free to contact me via the support email ( at the bottom of column on the right side of this page)


Matt K.'s picture

I am new to this extensions (as well as extensions all together). I am using SU2016 and it seems I am having a similar problem to Timothy D below. I have shot a few points onto an existing drawing I have just for a test run and it doesn't seem to recognize any points at all that I have placed within the drawing. I have also gotten the Trimble Field Points extension, but seem to be having the same issue. I see your extension supports SU2016 as Trimble's did not list SU2016. I have watched your tutorial on this extension, however, being that I am new to this all together and am having the same issue with the Trimble version, but maybe I'm not understanding the process all together. Do I have to have SU2016 Pro by chance? I am using the free version now.

I am in the construction industry and do a lot with Trimble's Robotic Total Station equipment for layout of our buildings. I have typically worked in CAD and utilized Trimble's LM80 software to transfer points to my equipment. I am excited that there is an opportunity to make SU work with our layout system in 3D as this is they way the industry is going.


CMD's picture

Hello Matt

As I mentioned in my comment above, I have found that this version of Point Gadget is not suitable for 2016.
Please email me using the support email (right side of page) and I will send you the Point Gadget 2 extension that will work with 2016.


Franz A's picture

hi there,

i have just tried to use point gadgets on a csv file in su 2016.sadly it did not import anything - it just does nothing after clicking the button =) - however the older version "total station point importer" did import just fine!

maybe the devs are interested in the csv? i could sent it via email?

the older version also allows to choose wether the csv is comma or tab sepetrated?!

there is no info on how the csv should be formated for the point tools?!

thakns for any help!

CMD's picture


The CSV format is under the IMPORT/EXPORT section on this page. I have reformatted the section to better see the formating.

Feel free email me the csv using the support email how2su+EWH@gmail.com I will take a look.

Franz A's picture

hi there,

thanks for your help - import works fine!

but i may have encountered another "thing" =)

when i try to unlock all points/labels su hangs itself up ... no more reaction - ?! is this a known DO NOT ?!

after import i need to work with the points and linework - i need to group them move them to different layers and son on.. ?!

thanks for any further help

CMD's picture

Hello Franz

I tested the Unlock functionality and it does work but it does take some time. I will investigate why it is taking longer than in SU 2015. My recommendation for now is, if possible unlock and move your point markers in batches.


Timothy D's picture

I have not been able to use this extension in SU2016...

CMD's picture


Are you saying that it is not working in SU2016?

If not, what are you seeing? What steps are you taking?


Timothy D's picture

I was able to place the points as components but nothing else...neither the identification tools nor the linework tool were functional...any suggestions?

CMD's picture

Hello Tim

Thanks for alerting me to the issue. I have done some investigating and it looks like there was a change in the way SU 2016 inserts components and how they are automatically named.

Good news is that I have uploaded the fix to the EWH and it is now ready for download/installation.

Sorry for the issue.

Happy SketchUp-ing :-)


Timothy D's picture

Great! I will try the extension again and let you know how it goes.


Mark D.'s picture

Great plug in. Just what I was looking for. When I query a point the dimensions are in inches even though I have Sketchup set to feet. When I measure something the dimensions are in feet. Any idea how I can get the "?" button to display dimensions in feet?

Thanks for creating this.

CMD's picture


Let me guess... your units are set to ENGINEERING, correct? Try setting them to Decimal Feet and you should get FEET using the Inspector tool.

There is a bug in the API that delivers inches instead of feet when selecting ENGINEERING. Until this is fixed, use the DECIMAL setting to get anything other than inches.


Mark D.'s picture

Problem solved. Thanks so much for the help and the extension. It will be a big help to me.

jsc's picture

A really well thought-out and executed plugin.

A minor suggestion:
When creating the colors to be used in the Layer Manager, make the color value of the
Point-LINE Layer a SHADE of the corresponding Point Layer's color value.

Bart C's picture

This is a great tool but how one could use it as a source for generating terrain with TopoShaper terrain from points cloud functionality? It requires a group of cloud points. How to quickly generate such group?

Bart C's picture

Found a solution: you need to edit the guide point component and remove the point cone. This leaves us only a guide point. Select all point components and explode them within a group. Now the toposhaper can handle it.

CMD's picture


Glad you found the solution. You can also do something similar with SketchUp's "Sandbox - From Contours" feature.

1) Edit the guide point component and, FIRST... draw a single vertical line from the construction point down. Any length will do. SECOND... delete the construction point and the point cone... leaving only the single vertical line as the component marker.

2) Select all component markers and explode.
3) with all the single vertical lines selected, activate the "Sandbox - From Contours" feature (View > Tool Pallets > Sandbox ... From Contours)

The terrain will be generated as a grouped TIN


Lisa D.'s picture

I am a research psychologist. My studies have people navigate through virtual Sketchup environments and then recreate those environments by drawing sketch maps from memory. In order to compare the Sketchup environ with what my subjects draw, I need exact virtual X,Y,Z coordinates.

Your extension was super helpful and easy to use. I appreciate the ability to export all of the points into excel.

Thank you!

CMD's picture

That is fantastic! Gosh I love the SU community!!

Thank you for sharing!


Bob H.'s picture

Hi Chris, plugin works great. Thanks. However, I was trying the plugin as a step toward making a terrain surface from survey points. I found an old post where I think you said 'create a sandbox from contours' might work if points are selected. Is this right? I can't seem to get it to work. It's also a little funny since my survey points come from a Trimble GPS survey station... I was hoping Trimble would make Sketchup more compatible with their other products. I realize the last part has nothing to do with you. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

CMD's picture

Hello Bob

Please contact me at the support email and we can discuss the solution you are looking for.


Hector D.'s picture

Excellent tool for me! I generate 3D models of air flows and use your tool to draw them. Thank you.

CMD's picture

Hello Hector

Great to hear that PG helps you with your work. Modeling air flows... wow. You have peaked my interest :-)

nick g's picture

nice tool but it would be great if we could do it in other formatts example degrees or degrees,minutes, seconds etc.

Wade E's picture

Before I try downloading , just wanted to make sure this is compatible with SU2015?

Chris K's picture

Thanks indeed for this handy tool. It would be even more useful to me if :-

1) I could enter ruby type maths in the coordinates (eg 2**3.0 ) as I could then easily enter values such as the square root of 2 very accurately, rather than typing a long string of digits

2) The selection of length units was persistent until changed

I want to use the extension for placing points in order to draw polyhedra and values such as the roots of various numbers occur frequently.


Campbell T's picture

Really impressed with this tool. Export to csv works well. I would like to use this with my students for a contours exercise we do. Just one glitch. I tried importing (into a new file) the exported csv to test after adding new z coordinates. Only 1 (origin) point comes in?
I work in mm and meters in SUP 2014 on a mac. Any suggestions?
Cheers, Campbell

CMD's picture

Hello Campbell

Thanks for the comments. I will look into the issue.


CMD's picture

Oh.... and I believe the problem only exists under the Mac OS.

Stuart M's picture

A great tool. Well done!!

One small thing that would help me would be the ability to change the point marker colour so that different marker types were easily identified visually.


CMD's picture

Hello Scotty,

Along with the Field, Field-altered and Design colors, you can also visualize the markers by layer. Each marker is placed on a layer based on the imported Feature/description field or one that you determined when placing the design markers. Because they are on SketchUp layers, you can visually turn them on / off or you can turn on Color By Layer either from the Point Gadget tool or by going to the Layers window and selecting ColorByLayer.

I hope this helps


Sam L.'s picture

I would like to see my coordinates (NAD83 Zone 4203) plotted on top of my geolocation.

Clark E.'s picture

Excellent program for plotting points. What if I have a negative Z value? I am an archaeologist who digs into the ground but wants to plot under the surface. When I import the .cvs file, the "-" is stripped from the Z column (leaving only positive numbers).

CMD's picture

Hello Clark E

When you say that the -Zs are being "stripped", do you mean that markers are not being inserted for their values?
I have tested -Zs and I am not seeing any problems. Can you share a sample of the .csv you are using?


Rodney T's picture

Not sure why I can't get it to install in SketchUp 2014. I also get an error when playing the video from within the extension warehouse. If I go to this extension page in a normal browser the video works fine. Is something going on or is it just my computer?

CMD's picture

Hello Rodney,

Try downloading from the browser. You can then install the .rbz under the SketchUp Preferences > Extensions area.


tdc's picture

Fantastic Plugin! Many thanks Chris.

Am using this in SU14 PC, and am finding that when I wish to group a collection of points together, I am presented with a dialogue box that tells me to "Please make a selection." - OK. This dialogue appears once for each selected point that is being grouped.. Clicking OK 500 times is tedious, but then the group is created. Any thoughts?


CMD's picture

Hello tdc

I believe a fixed this problem in the latest version 1.3. Give it a go and let me know if you see this issue.


nick g's picture

Wow...i love this gadet many thanks for creating it.


Mike R's picture

Not compatible with SU 2014?

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