Point Cloud Importers
Import small point cloud files in *.ptx, *.pts, *.xyz, *.svy, *.txt format
  • Point Cloud imported into SketchUp
Point Cloud Importers

A series of SketchUp Importers for importing small point cloud files (< 1GB) in *.ptx, *.pts, *.xyz, *.svy, and *.txt formats.  Point coordinates are imported as a group of SketchUp construction points which can then be used to assist with the modeling process.


This extension adds the following functionality to the Import menu:

Text - PTX Format (*.ptx)

Text - PTS Format (*.pts)

Text - SURVEY Format (*.svy)

Text - TXT Format (*.txt)

Text - XYZ Format (*.xyz)


Import Options include:

- Import Units

- Decimation

- Set Point Color

- PTS File Structure (xyziRGB | xyzi | xyzRGB)

- Layer Assignment



Point cloud files can be extremely large, often well over 1GB, and can contain millions or billions of points.  This extension is not capable of processing such large data sets.  The extension supports import of up to 1,000,000 points per import, and file sizes must be less than 1GB.  Import times vary depending on file type and size.



It is recommended that imported point clouds contain < 100,000 points to ensure reasonable import times and minimal impact on model performance.  By default, point clouds will be decimated to approximately 25,000 points, however, this setting can be changed under Import Options.

For increased productivity, the Importers can be used in conjunction with other point cloud software that will allow users to 'break up' larger, more complex datasets into smaller and more manageable pieces.

Working with smaller, decimated point cloud fragments in SketchUp helps to maintain good overall model performance and allows the modeller to focus on the development of one particular component or element at a time.



Max allowable file size: 1GB

Max allowable imported points: 1,000,000

Recommended max imported points: 100,000

Point cloud intensity values: NOT SUPPORTED

Point cloud RGB color values: NOT SUPPORTED

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