Podium Walker
photo-realistic walk thru animation plug-in for SketchUp Windows or Mac
Podium Walker
  • It is a photo-realistic, near real-time, animations plug-in for SketchUp that allows for quick photo-real visualization and video animations.
  • It uses ray tracing and ambient occlusion to create photo-real renderings and animations. Ambient occulusion color supports the color of the sky.
  • It works directly with SU Podium and/or Podium Browser. It reads Podium's reflections, blurred reflections, refractions, bump maps, omni lights, LEM lights and translates SketchUp sun position to create it's own sun and sky light.
  • It is CPU based, not GPU based.
  • It renders in real-time and renders all of Podium's material properties and artificial lights.
  • It renders the thousands of components and materials from Podium Browser.
  • Creates lightmaps to save animation time.
  • It creates keyframe animations and also can record your camera navigation.
  • It will import SketchUp scenes to create keyframe animations automatically.
  • It will create animations directly from SU Animate camera paths as well.
  • It will export to video formats such as .mp4, .mov, .m2t and .avi.
  • Supports SketchUp 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017
  • Supports Windows and Mac.
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Cadalog, Inc. is a SketchUp application developer. Cadalog, Inc. develops, SU Podium, a photo-realistic, photon-mapping, rendering extension for SketchUp. Podium Walker, is a photo-realistic , raytracing walk-thru animation plug-in for SketchUp. Podium Browser, is huge library of online, render-ready components such as light fixtures, interior items, exterior items, materials, 3D and 2D trees and plants etc.