Podium Browser
Podium Browser provides thousands of SU Podium render ready components directly to SketchUp.
Podium Browser

Podium Browser provides thousands of render ready components such as light fixtures, furnishings, plants and materials from a web server directly to SketchUp. Using Podium Browser content can greatly reduce the time required to design in SketchUp and then visualize in SU Podium. The content will be downloaded directly into your model and is ready to be photo-realistically rendered by SU Podium. You simply click on a thumbnail in the Browser to drop content into your SketchUp model. When you render with SU Podium, this content will appear in your image as a photo-realistic object without any additional preparation.

Podium Browser is part of SU Podium V2 and works with SketchUp versions 8, 2013, 2014, 2015 Windows and Mac. SU Podium Browser can also be downloaded as a free, independent plug-in to SketchUp but it works best with SU Podium V2 or V2 Plus.

Check out the Facebook account for SUPlugins which focuses on new components on the browser here - SUPlugins Facebook. Also look in the What's New section of this web site to see what is new in the Browser.

Free and Paid Categories. Podium Browser has a significant number of free 3D light fixtures, 2D face-me plants, high resolution textures, "Podium ready" 3D cars, render ready furniture and some Podium materials. Podium Browser also has a Paid category with several thousand components and is growing quickly. This Paid category requires the customer to purchase a $59.00 permanent, Paid Content license. The license can be purchased from the SUPlugins.com web store. You can view the Paid content by looking at the thumbnails in the Paid category without purchasing a license.

Read all about Podium Browser here.

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Cadalog, Inc. is a SketchUp application developer. Cadalog, Inc. develops, SU Podium, a photo-realistic, photon-mapping, rendering extension for SketchUp. Podium Walker, is a photo-realistic , raytracing walk-thru animation plug-in for SketchUp. Podium Browser, is huge library of online, render-ready components such as light fixtures, interior items, exterior items, materials, 3D and 2D trees and plants etc.