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PlusSpec Lite


Homeowners struggle to express their ideas in ways that are meaningful to Design & Construction professionals.

Sketching thoughts for their new home or renovation is super difficult and normally just get thrown in the bin. And they often feel completely left out of the process altogether.

If you’re not looking to build or remodel, but use SketchUp – PlusSpec Lite will take your designs to the next level & allow you to model smarter and faster!

PlusSpec LT Pre-release is for Homeowners looking to build or remodel, SketchUp hobbyists and 3d Modelers/Renderers, for non-commercial use

 PlusSpec Lite is a $10 USD subscription plan. Billed month-to-month. No lock-in contract



Introducing the most powerful PDF importer for both PC and Mac.

Import your plans or hand sketches with ease and trace over them to bring your plans to life with 3D.

If you’re a SketchUp User & use a PC, this will blow your mind!

(It will still blow your mind if you’re a Mac user)



You don’t just draw lines or shapes with PlusSpec. With PlusSpec, you draw with Virtual Building tools.

Just select or build the wall that you want to use from the menu, and BAM! Everything will be drawn for you.

Our wall tool is parametric, which means that modifications are a breeze!



Use the PlusSpec Push/Pull Tool to move your walls with the speed of lightning.

Design iterations or changes have never been this easy. Walls are connected, so if you move one wall, the others update with it.

Automatically generate roofs and floors from walls and save yourself bucketloads of time (not to mention, reducing error)!



Add windows and doors to a wall with the click of a button.

PlusSpec windows and doors are actually cut into the wall & automatically update the wall structure.

If you delete a window or door, the cut in the wall is removed also. And, if you move a wall, all of the doors & windows move with it.



Empty lines and empty shapes that represent structure lead to design error.

With the PlusSpec Floor tool, you will be able to accurately build complex floor types, and get it right.

Our Floor tool is parametric, which means that modifications are a breeze!



Stephen W.'s picture

I bought this extension because I thought it would be usefull. It does work somewhat. You can draw generic walls but there are not many choices. The roof tool works fine . Doors and windows are another mater. The program expects all measurements to be entered for all door and window types not just the type you want to insert. It does not remember values you put in so you have to enter them for every window or door you put in. The default values would be fine but they are preceeded by a ~ sign so you have to go remove this for every window or door you put in. I still can't use doors because it asks for a header value wich I cannot find. I expect a learning curve yes. This just does not work it is tedious and frustrating. You would think things like this would be fixed by now. To bad if it worked as promised it would be a great program.

I think I have found the problem. This program does not like feet and inch measurements. I switched to a metric template and it works fine. This is a big handicap for me as I work in feet and inches not metric. Should not be difficult to fix. I hope they do.

Update: They finaly got back to me with som adjustments to the settings and the program works fine now. Its a little touchy to get the program working but it is a great program. Worth the 10 a month, although I would prefer to buy it outright.

Andrew D's picture

Hi Stephan, thanks for taking the time to comment, the issues you mention sound to be a transition issue. When you downloaded I assume you drew a model and upgraded and tried to change the original model? If this is the case I can understand your frustrations as we recently made some huge changes to PlusSpec with windows and doors. If you started your drawing in one version and then updated, the issue you mention may have occurred, can I suggest going back and downloading the latest version and then starting again? Note if you do want to keep using your old model you can load 2 versions of PlusSpec, one in Sketchup 17 and one in Sketchup 18.

You will notice that standard size windows are there (no more typing in window sizes) and many more fantastic upgrades. Like everything PlusSpec does have a learning curve, once you get past the initial learning curve you will see how PlusSPec will benefit your business and the accuracy of your drawings. Just as a tip, hover over anything orange it will tell you what the tool does or look out for the orange Question mark it will take you to a youtube video showing you how to use that particular functionality.
Thanks for the feedback, it is well received and will continue to improve based up these responses. :-)

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