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Design, Draft, Build, Communicate & Estimate! The full tool kit that automates Sketchup!
PlusSpec Pro Architect & Builder


Transform the way you use SketchUp with PlusSpec

PlusSpec simplifies Sketchup by automating repetitive tasks whilst increasing output, particularly for those who’ve never used Sketchup before or for those who’ve never created a BIM or VDC project.

An organised model is the key to viewing all parts of a project, from finishes through to structure. When you use Plusspec and our included library of components, Sketchup will never slow down or lag.


Why is Plusspec so fast?

Because PlusSpec automates layers, scenes, styles and structure creation, and creates scenes not only for 2D representation in layout but also for structural analysis, visual clash detection and more.  


Create engaging models that will wow your clients - without the time or the effort. Draw complex roofing, trusses, joist, concrete, wood framing, stairs and more, all in just a few clicks! Best of all, everything is categorized and neatly laid out in a detailed bill of quantities for either feasibility studies &/or detailed estimating.


PlusSpec is easy to learn and use and it’s designed for people who are too busy to spend hundreds of hours figuring out how to drive BIM software. Every tool has built in video tutorials, so you can get good fast.


For Architects and Designers

Immerse your clients in interactive 3D models and give them cost insights to your design right from the get-go. PlusSpec has a scene creator that delivers more than just 2D plans - it gives insight to buildability. Eliminate the communication barrier with builders and estimators by handing them material break takeoffs that generate as you create.


Find out more about PlusSpec for Architects and Designers here.


For Builders and Estimators

Present your clients with instantaneous quotes inside Sketchup 3D models and win every job. Import One, selected, or all PDFs from a plan set and scale with our PDF import tool. End the tiring issues in communication between Architects, Engineers and tradespeople by virtually building your project. Save your time and win over customers.


Find out more about PlusSpec for Construction and Estimation here.



  • Anywhere, Anytime: PlusSpec works on both Mac and PC in Imperial and Metric in every country in the world - BIM for everyone!
  • PlusSpec is Subscription based: Always have the latest version. PluSspec Pro pricing starts at as low as $64 USD/month with a 14 day FREE trial! Opt-out at any time with no restrictions.
  • It will be a BIM model: Every aspect of your model will be 'smart' and filled with visual and data-rich information, such as quantities, pricing, product names & codes, specifications, warranties, general notes, and more!
  • Everything you draw is Parametric: Never manually redraw anything again. Change materials, heights of walls, thicknesses & construction types at any time with ease.
  • Create detailed Estimates:You will be able to produce Bill of Quantities, Cost Estimation & Feasibility Take-Offs - all with the simple click of a button, and no extra work!
  • Share your models without Restrictions: Everything you design in PlusSpec is transferable to IFC CAD programs such as ArchiCAD and Revit so your models can be shared and used across numerous platforms.
  • You have Total Customization: One of the most powerful features of PlusSpec is the ability to customize. Within a couple of hours, you can easily create every product from all of your favorite manufacturers/vendors, all from a photo. Once you have created a material/product, it will be saved into your own unique material library where you can associate and save price and further install cost. You can even share your library with colleagues, or the public.


PlusSpec was built by experienced architects/designers, builders/contractors and engineers, to improve design and construction efficiency.



You’ll quickly see how PlusSpec can transform the way your business runs - Sign up for a free trial today.


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