BIM + VDC + Parametric modeling + Estimate

PlusSpec is the solution that SketchUp users have been waiting for!

PlusSpec is for Architects, Designers, Builders & Estimators - and suits every Country in the world.

How much is your time worth!?

With PlusSpec, you will draw 50 times faster than with SketchUp alone.

+ It will be a BIM model: Every aspect of your model will be 'smart' and be filled with visual and data-format information, such as: quantities, pricing, product names & codes, specifications, warranties, general notes, and more!

+ Everything you draw is Parametric: Never redraw anything again. Simply change materials, heights of walls, thicknesses & construction types with a click of a button.

+ Create automatic Estimates: You will be able to produce BOQ's (Bill of Quantities), Cost Estimation & Feasibility Take-Offs - all with the simple click of a button, and no extra work!

+ You have Total Customization: One of the most powerful features of PlusSpec is the ability to customize. Within a couple of hours, you can easily create every product from all of your favourite manufacturers/vendors. And once you have created a material/product, it will be saved into your own unique material library and available for use at any time and in any project (past or future).

Still don't believe us? Then try it for yourself!



I have seen the video which you have shared here. And it seems like a good to get some information about the software and its working. I think many people are searching for this piece of information. Hope everyone will make use of it. chrome constantly crashing

A Sketchup Tip and trick that will save you some time when using section planes in your 3D model. Basically Sketchup is a surface modeller which means the geometry is hollow. When you cut a section through wall or a prism you will see the inside of the geometry

GNex P's picture

This plugin awesome but failed because of :

1- expensive yearly subscription.
2- once expired and you not continue the subscription.. u can start bite your fingernail then.

I prefer 'purchase' rather than 'subscribe'. This is what most buyer looking for. I bought Lumion 8.3, Enscape, Dibac, Skatter because they are 'purchase' .

Andrew D's picture

Thanks for commenting GNex, yes PlusSpec is subscription based and this is the reason why it is so powerful and continues to become more powerful.

Our users are reporting a 20% net increase in profit which pays the licence fees a thousand times over. I understand that small businesses who may only do 1 or 2 jobs a year ( yet they would still save money) will not buy Plusspec, however, Architects and Builders who's time is so valuable, continue to subscribe year in year out and this loyalty allows us to continue developing better tools that save more time and more money.

If you put the cost of PlusSpec into a context it will cost less than a cup of coffee per day, or for the Aussies, it is less than a case of beer per week. :-) After the first year, you could drink 5 coffees a day and still be in front whilst continuing to design, estimate and or build your projects faster with fewer mistakes. for the Aussies please don't drink 5 cases of beer a week as you will be drunk and lose money. LOL

I am not sure how long you have been using PlusSpec, we really hate to see you go, we will miss you! I understand your reservations and I do hope your fingernails grow back, maybe you should start using PlusSpec Lite, it is only $10 per month and it really does do a lot of cool stuff like PlusSpec Pro and the cost is equivalent to a cup of coffee every second week. B)

Thanks again for the feedback it is well received.

GNex P's picture

LOL.. your comment make me laugh. Yes, u were right about those coffee and beers. :). I understand.
I dont have Plusspec install in my rig. Im just planning to get it but the price lol.

I experienced when i 'subscribed' Vali Architect which is USD99 per year. If im not mistaken, i just use vali not more than 5 times within the year. Till one day i want to use it.. it already expired. USD99 for not more than 5 times?? LOL.

Ive seen an advertisement somewhere about Plusspec Lite, $10 consider reasonable for me. But i cannot find an info about the different between pro version.

Btw.. I'll go for Lite.

Note : Im an Architecture Designer but i work as a lecturer. The reason I want to try Plusspec is because I want to use Plusspec for my class and let people know another way to work faster and easier in Sketchup. This will make my class 'interesting' at the same time LOL.
( Most of my student are Architect, Designer and college student )
Most of em switched from Revit, 3Dsmax, Archicad to Sketchup since they found more 'freedom' in sketchup and more easier.

Im not afford for Pro version but maybe they will... who knows.

It’s used for architects, builders, estimators and designers. Plus Spec is the solutions that sketch up users have been waiting for. You will be able to produce Cost Estimation; Feasibility take- offs with the simple click of a button. It’s really informative. Hope you will update the post.Dance floor rentals

yasser m's picture

expansive plugin
its coast as a new software from Autodesk

Andrew D's picture

Yes it very expansive but not so expensive when you understand what it actually does. However, there is another version of PlusSpec called PlusSpec Lite it is $10 per month here is the link:

Lone H's picture

Do not like this: "Buy PlusSpec for AUD$990. PlusSpec is a yearly Subscription. All updates within the 12 month subscription period are FREE.

Note: If you cancel your subscription, or do not renew after the expiry of a subscription period, you will no longer be able to access any of the PlusSpec tools inside of SketchUp"

When I buy something, as expensive as AUD$990, I expect to be able to run it untill I do not care about it anymore. Way too expensive to be a subscription.

Tyler D's picture

I have been using PlusSpec since it came out. I charge the contractors or subcontractor for the bill of quantities now on every home i design, it takes seconds and I am told it saves them days of work estimating, so everyone wins. As a result I now have 2 paying clients. I make money out of PlusSpec so I continue to subscribe. To me time is everything...
There is a lot going on behind the scenes of PlusSpec, thumbs up from me.

Lone H's picture

That is not an option when you are just a hobbyist like me. I have not got a chance of making any money from experimenting in SketchUp. Thats why subscriptions are a bad thing.

Andrew D's picture

I hear you loud and clear Lone, you may be able to take the next step forward and become a PRO and earn the big bucks. However, if you like being a hobbyist you should try the Hobbyist version called "PlusSpec Lite" it is less than the cost of a cup of coffee every fortnight $10 per month and you can create complex rooves, add windows through multiple layer walls, even add structure and you will never need to set up scenes or create groups, components or assign IFC categories again. That has to be worth $10 per month?

Here is the link I look forward to seeing your Sketchup models become professional and you earning a professional living on hobbyist hours. All the best, BTW if you get a chance to head to BaseCamp 2018 come and say G'day, we are looking forward to meeting Y'all there.

Steve W's picture

I've been using CAD in the Architectural profession since the early 90's and have had various systems. When SU Pro first appeared it was a real improvement in many ways and I eventually dropped the other systems and did everything on SU Pro and Layout (using Indigo Render for CGI's). In January I signed up for a well known BIM system though after 6 months I gave up on it and stopped the monthly license because it was too complex and required both SU and the BIM host to be running together. When I heard about Plusspec and how it worked inside SU I bought an initial 12 month license (which cost the same as one month for the larger BIM system) and was blown away with how well it worked and did precisely what I needed. I now have 4 licenses and run it for all my projects. Admittedly I have had a few teething problems (mostly because I don't read manuals and didn't do all the training) but in every case the guys at Plusspec were superb backup and much easier to contact in Australia then some CAD/BIM companies in the UK. If you're looking for BIM/VDC at a reasonable price, that works within Sketchup, is quite intuitive, and which delivers professional results then Plusspec is THE choice.

Elliot L.'s picture

PlusSpec has been the sketchup equivalent of a Swiss Army knife for me. The must have extension has drastically improved my workflow and cuts arduous modelling and drafting time in half, leaving more time for worthwhile and high quality design that can be cost estimated from the get go. I have found that my knowledge of some of the subtleties to do with everyday construction methods has been boosted just by using PlusSpec. Combining it with the almighty sketchup pro gives you access to Layout, the new version of which has become an even more powerful beast. Fast modelling, drafting, estimating, mixed in with sketchup's suite of tools creates unrivalled graphics that are as pretty as they are technical, not to mention easily translatable to other software like revit and autocad.

Andrew D's picture

Thanks for the review Elliot, Plusspec 2016 s coming out soon and I sure you will like the improvements for architects.

Scott S.'s picture

PlusSpec has proven to be a great tool for our building company and I've found easy to pick up, (unlike other programs we've used). The one-click estimates function saves us a lot of time and costs, this has helped our estimating side immensely. We are looking forward to see what upcoming updates PlusSpec have coming. Keep up the good work.

Andrew D's picture

Thanks Scott, Plusspec was designed specifically for these reasons. Designing to budget is what I had trouble with before PlusSpec once you add in all of your material and labour costs PlusSpec does this for you. All the best in 2016.

Brian F.'s picture

For residential designs PlusSpec will give you the ability to complete your feasibility designs turn them into design development / costing and construction documentation without the need for major rework. The BOM is utilized at all stages of your documentation process, this is a great benefit when controlling cost of a project is a major factor.There is enough to complete most projects and with the built in flexibility the system allows you full freedom to customize and add any additional components / materials that you may require. Having completed designs in other cad software the time saved using PlusSpec especially when changes are required is by far the easiest process. Yes there is a lot of choices but the developers did a great job putting it all into one process yes there is always things that can improve or be better but when the core has the right structure the rest become icing. The key to using PlusSpec is to use it as it is intended, approach it with an open mind and don't do the comparisons to other software systems of the bat get to know it and you will not look back. It really is as easy as the promo videos.

Andrew D's picture

Agreed, my concept designs actually morph into my working drawings, this is a huge time saver. I also hand the model over to the client for maintenance and potential extension in the future. I see the model not only as a communication tool between designer, builder engineer and authorities, I see the model as an asset for the life cycle of the project. You will see more in this area in January 2016, we are committed to make Plusspec (coupled with Sketchup Pro) the best VDC and BIM software in the world.
Thanks for the comments Brian.

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