PlusSpec Pro Architect & Builder
Design, Draft, Build, Communicate & Estimate! The full tool kit that automates Sketchup!
PlusSpec Pro Architect & Builder

PlusSpec is the solution that SketchUp users have been waiting for!

Automated layers, scenes, styles and structure creation.

Imperial/Metric, MAC & PC. 

Complex roofing, trusses, joist, concrete, wood framing, stairs, shadows and more. 

Automatic IFC association, so you can use your model in ArchiCAD tm  Revit tm or any other IFC compatible CAD program. 

Import One, selected, or all PDFs from a plan set and scale with our NEW PDF import tool.

You can assign prices and save them to materials for next time. 

You can do a detailed report on materials in just one click. 

PlusSpec sets up your scenes for you and attributes your components, so when you get to your construction docs, you simply click on the label tool to annotate.

Get the full library of components and textures in our PRO version.

Become a better designer with PlusSpec, your customers & builders will use you every time if you give them a material break take off. 

PlusSpec is for professional Architects, Designers, Builders & Estimators - and suits every Country in the world.

PlusSpec is Subscription based.

Always have the latest version

Opt-out at any time, you can get yearly or monthly subscriptions starting as low as $64 USD/month

How much is your time worth!?

With PlusSpec, you will draw 50 times faster than with SketchUp alone. That's not exaggerated, it's lightning FAST..

We have fast Step by step video tutorials built in so you can become a pro in no time. 

+ It will be a BIM model: Every aspect of your model will be 'smart' and filled with visual and data-rich information, such as: quantities, pricing, product names & codes, specifications, warranties, general notes, and more!

+ Everything you draw is Parametric: Never redraw anything again. Simply change materials, heights of walls, thicknesses & construction types with a click of a button.

+ Create automatic Estimates: You will be able to produce BOQ's (Bill of Quantities), Cost Estimation & Feasibility Take-Offs - all with the simple click of a button, and no extra work!

+ You have Total Customization: One of the most powerful features of PlusSpec is the ability to customize. Within a couple of hours, you can easily create every product from all of your favourite manufacturers/vendors. And once you have created a material/product, it will be saved into your own unique material library and available for use at any time and in any project (past or future). You can even share your library with colleges.

PlusSpec Pro is an amazing tool set, you must try it for yourself, sign up for our Free Trial today!


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At RubySketch we're committed to the long term release & maintenance of innovative design and construction software that enables faster and more accurate work flow when using SketchUp. RubySketch and PlusSpec deliver real world Building Information Modelling to SketchUp at a fraction of the cost of other professional BIM software packages and our users are enjoying the benefits. For more information visit our websites or check out our YouTube channel.
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