V2 now available with Nearmap Aerial Imagery! Add instant context by importing OpenStreeMap roads, buildings, paths, water bodies, trees, as well as high resolution aerials

Add instant context to your models with PlaceMaker, available in 11 languages!

PlaceMaker imports data from OpenStreeMap and transforms it into a usable site reference model suitable for rendering or exporting into other applications.

The dataset coverage is truly world-wide!  Check out the free trial to preview the dataset now!

More information at the official PlaceMaker website.

Features Include:

Nearmap Super High Resolution Aerials - New in v2!

Import incredible aerial imagery from Nearmap (USA only).  Learn more


Import DigitalGlobe High resolution aerials directly into SketchUp to use as your base.

3D Buildings

Insert 3D building massing models for select locations and cities.

3D Roads and Paths

Place 3D roads, walks, paths and water into your model. All objects are modeled and render ready.

Trees and Forests - New in v2!

Import entire forests with one click and place on terrain

Model on Terrain

PlaceMaker will model and drape buildings, 3D roads and paths directly onto terrain.

Export to Revit

Use the Export to Revit function and import your model into Revit.

Instant Site Base

Create instant site base files to use for modeling, design and rendering.

Localized in 11 langauges

  • English
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Chinese Simplified
  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian
  • Spanish

Compatible with SU Make or Pro, PC and Mac

Please do not use the reviews area to ask questions.  Reviews only, please.  For questions, please use the customer support email shown on this page.  Thanks!


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PlaceMaker is definitely the best option for getting OpenStreetMap-data for SketchUp, but if you are on a budget I would recommend checking out where you can get OpenStreetMap data as well.

downlod link

Instantly import hundreds of real 3D building massing models for select locations and cities. One click 3D Forest imports available for many locations and areas. Place 3D roads, walks, paths and water into your model. All objects are modeled and render ready. lite blue login

Hello, I been trying too upload the free trial of placemaker, but I cant :(

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I accidentally install PlaceMaker on SketchUp 2015.
When I run SketchUp it appears dialog "SketchUp 2016 or higher is required to use PlaceMaker."
How to remove it?

Can anyone give some feedback on the treatment of water bodies and how they are handled alongside complex (well, sort of complex) terrain?

mind.sight.studios's picture

Water bodies are imported as flat faces and then can be automatically dropped onto the selected terrain surface. The water geometry might not intersect the terrain fully but this can be manually adjusted easily using the SU scale tool or move tool. It is also possible to drape the water geometry onto the terrain using the SU sandbox tools.
If you have more questions, please contact our support email noted above. Thanks!

Does this works properly with México?
Mérida, Monterrey, Cancún, CDMX??

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Yes, it works anywhere in the world - but we highly recommend ordering a free trial license to preview the available 3D data in your area of interest before you purchase

Thx, i will.

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Im confused at how you can justify 200$ for a plugin which came from open source information.... im not saying it should be free, because you did put in (some) work to interpret data inside sketchup that already exists from OSM, but 200$? Get real.

Highly suggest getting blender and using the same exact tool for 6$.... then just export it out to skp if anyone else is wondering.

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hi Stephen,
Please do some more research before you make false statements like this. PlaceMaker has a number of features that differentiate it from the Blender plugin including:
- full 3D roads and paths
- ability to drape 3D roads, paths, trees, water, and buildings onto terrain
- high resolution licensed aerial imagery from DigitalGlobe (which can be draped onto terrain)
- hip roofs for any building shape, not just rectangular
- geo-location tool
- Tour tool (matches your SketchUp view with Streetview)
These features alone represent hundreds of hours of development time. We also offer ongoing maintenance and fast customer support.
We also have student licenses available for $59

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Hey, my anti-virus keeps saying malware detected during download. i have received the license information, but how can i use it when it says virus detected?

mind.sight.studios's picture

Please feel free to contact us at the support email above. This area is for reviews only :)
Your anti-virus software is incorrect. The download is safe. We will investigate this issue. Thanks.

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This plugin looked incredible so I downloaded the trial see how it performs. Unfortunately, the trial version doesn't let you work with terrain, which, in my opinion, completely renders the trial useless for my needs. I fully understand the "holographic" elements in the trial instead of workable geometry (after all, this is a product and you can't give it all away for free, of course) but seeing how it handles terrain data is essential to my use with this tool. The trial has given me no glimpse into what experience I would have with this.

The Angel On My Shoulder: The stated capabilities of this plugin would enhance my workflow tremendously, it seems like a really wonderful and useful tool. I applaud the idea and the work already put in.

The Devil On My Shoulder: Trial doesn't show me anything more than the videos did, except what it's like to use the interface (which is also not very intuitive but is definitely easy, so that's a plus). I can't determine if this is a viable purchase to make or not because the trial is so very limited. While I appreciate the ability to check out the interface and learn how to import elements, none of this is truly useful unless I can experience working with it on the terrain itself.

Will keep checking back on this product but am bummed that my license will probably expire before (and if) any new/proper trial versions are released. A non-refundable $200 is a lot to drop on something that might-only-maybe work for my uses.

Daniel Tal's picture

Hi Jeremiah

This is Daniel Tal, one of the developers for PlaceMaker. Please contact me at and I can discuss helping you out with PlaceMaker. I have something in mind if your interested. Please let us know.

I signed up for the trial and received my license via e-mail, pasted it in and received the following error "Sorry, your license key does not appear to be valid. Please try again and be sure to use copy / paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) to enter the key from your license information email." So then I read the reviews and found that I need to pay to evaluate the 3D models, so I did. Got the license and pasted it in, and received the following error "Sorry, your license key does not appear to be valid. Please try again and be sure to use copy / paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) to enter the key from your license information email." E-mailed customer support at ( and no response. I think if they are going to charge half to 1/3 of the cost of sketchup, then it should work right away. I'll continue to update this thread if resolution occurs.

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hi Rob - This issue should be resolved now and you should be able to activate your license. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. We definitely don't want this to be people's first experience with PlaceMaker and we hope you will not let this temporary issue sour your overall impressions of PlaceMaker. If you need any further assistance with the extension, please email us. We typically respond to all support emails within 1 business day. Thank you!

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hi Rob S.
Sorry, we are just waking up here a few similar emails to yours and will ensure to resolve this issue ASAP. There might be a temporary problem with our license server. Email is the best way to reach us. We will respond to your email immediately now that we are back in the office.

trial version is useless

what is the meaning of trial version if you can not get 3d building? message: "Trial license mode: imported objects are temporary" but nothing appears accept Roads.

How to evaluate it, I do not know if that worth it to buy

What a waste of time

mind.sight.studios's picture

Hi S.M. - I am sorry that you feel disappointed but the trial version is intended to allow you to preview the OpenStreepMap data that is available in your area of interest.
Unfortunately, building data is not available in all areas but the data-set is continually growing. It would seem that there is no building data available in the area you selected. I understand your disappointment but the trial version accomplished the intended purpose. When you order a trial license, you should receive links to example 3D models that were created with the full version of PlaceMaker. This allows you to see final result of an actual import operation.

Sorry for being rude..I am just over react and I was wrong and i apologize my bad behavior.

In fact i realize it does work properly when select NY area, but not in Sao Paulo-Brazil where i live and work.

Placemaker is an amazing plugin that will help architects and in my case, students of architecture...and i must congrats all Whaat team for created a powerful really looking for the opportunity to buy this one...regards

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hello , very good, free ?

Christophe X's picture


Instabuy for me.
You did a very good job, it saves me hours of sketching the environnement of my projects.

Placemaker Tour, using Google street view to quickly texture the buildings is also brilliant !



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Thanks for the kind words Christophe! If you have any questions, please contact us using the support email shown on this page.

The trial version can't show any 3D buildings?

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Hello Mathias,
Please contact our customer support email for any questions. We do not always monitor this page :)

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J E.

you really a very great man. thank for making such innovative software. love from India

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