Pivot Around Axis
Rotate components around their axis.
Pivot Around Axis

Rotate components around their axis.


  1. Select an Component
  2. Activate the tool
  3. Click an axis and drag up/down to rotate about that axis

Menus & Toolbars

  • Tools » Pivot Around Axis

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This seems to be broken in the current version of SketchUp for Windows (17.2.2555 64-bit).

The extension installs properly (that is to say, it appears in the extension manager), but the tool does not appear anywhere else e.g., nothing gets added to the toolbar.

The words 'Pivot around Axis' do appear at the very bottom of the Tools menu, but clicking on them does nothing. Whatever tool was active before clicking continues to be the active tool after clicking.

I can't find any other way to access the tool, so am I missing something?

ThomThom's picture

If you open the Ruby Console before clicking the menus, do any error messages appear?

im having the exact same problem

ThomThom's picture

I got the same question for you, if you open the Ruby Console before you try to activate the tool, do you see error messages?

No errors on the console

ThomThom's picture

After you activate the tool, when you click on an instance, you don't see any handles appearing?

tomasz c's picture

Great for 'rig by axis' , but that handlers could be a bit bigger .


looks good. can't seem to find it though. where should it be, and under what name etc?
mac OS X el captain, sketchup 2016, no message errors, installed though preferences and locating file.

ThomThom's picture

Should be under the Tools menu: Tools » Pivot Around Axis

Mika M.'s picture

Yes, very fine plugin, but missing the important functionality: does not accept the angle of rotation after movement is done...

Agreed, great tool that would be even greater with this added functionality,even better if the desired rotation (degrees) could be assigned to a specific plane!

Virasat K.'s picture

its not showing in the tools

ThomThom's picture

What SketchUp version? What OS? Any error messages?
How did you install the extension?

It also doesn't work or show up anywhere on my 2016 ver 16.1.1449 free Sketchup Make either. Installed from Preferences /Extensions/Install Extension... tab. Does appear in menu as Pivot Around Axis and is checked. I have yet to find it anywhere in tool bars or in right clicked menus on a component.

Arturo G.'s picture

works great. Thanks a lot!