Create parking lot lines with two clicks

Easily add parking lot lines to your model.  Dialog lets you determine width, depth, and angle of parking stalls.

Click on a start point and drag to get a preview on-screen.  Right-click (in empty space) or press the ] key to change the direction the lines are drawn relative to the baseline, and shift-Right-click or press the [ key to toggle between absolute width and proportional width (based on user-supplied minimum width setting).


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What is the use of this Parking? I did not get any informative content from your blog. I have gone through your blog. You could have added some of the uses and specifications of the extensions. You haven't mentioned its performance and the way of using Parking. Update your post.

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Ray C's picture

A very useful script, but how do I make these lines "visible" to a 3rd-party renderer that does not render lines in Sketchup? I assume I'd need to give the lines a width be converting them to a plane. Not sure how to do that.

Elizabeth L.'s picture

I am wondering the same thing. Did you ever find a solution?

Ray C's picture

I ended up creating two dynamic components: one for single and one for double lines. When stretched, they will automatically fill in the appropriate number of lines. Not perfect, but works pretty well and renders fine. Here is a 3D Warehouse link:

If that doesn't work just search "dynamic parking lines".

Gregory L's picture

Really handy timesaver. Thanks!

Sandy S's picture

As everyone says, it's a simple plugin, but extremely useful.
I can't believe the time I used to waste!

Blaine B's picture

Simple, yet useful

Mac C's picture

Indeed one of those simple yet terrible useful tools. Niceeeee!

Marvi J.'s picture

Thanks so much! such a simple tool but its made life easier

Brian Y's picture

Love this plugin! Saved me tons of time. Surprised no one commented till now.

Thank you!

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