Park Generator
Generate a park procedurally given a Rulefile and an Input Region.
Park Generator

Park Generator procedurally creates a park given a Rulefile (a text file with rules) and an Input Region (a selected polygon in SketchUp).

How to use Park Generator

  1. Download example Rulefile(s) and save to the local folder (e.g. Documents):
  2. Open Park Generator plugin UI in SketchUp. After the plugin has been installed, "Park Generator" entry should be available under "Extensions" menu, click on it to open the plugin window. 
  3. Open the Rulefile. In the plugin window under "Rule File" click on "Browse..." and select the file that you have downloaded in step 1 and finish by clicking on the "Open" button.
  4. Select an Input Region. Input Region is the area into which the park is to be generated. It is supplied by selecting a face (a polygon) in the main SketchUp window. For example, a simple rectangular region can be created by pressing "r" (or clicking on the Rectangle button) and then dragging the mouse pointer along the ground. It is best to use a face that is neither too large (will take a long time to process!!) nor too small (will not look as good).
  5. Generate! Click on "Generate" button in the plugin window.

It is possible to edit a Rulefile to create different park instances or even designs. Try modifying rule parameters to start with.


Rule reference can be found on Park Generator page.

The plugin is still the process of being developed, so any suggestions or feedback is welcome - leave a comment below or drop an email!

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