Oob layouts
3D layouts creation for paving, flooring, tiling ...
Oob layouts random colors
  • Oob layouts random colors
  • Oob layouts dialog
Oob layouts

A simple button to create complex layouts:

  • Create 3D layouts,
  • Computes surfaces and quantities (with cutted parts management).
  • Re-edit, undo , apply to other faces.
  • Create irregular layouts with random values for length, width and thickness
  • Use predefined presets and store your prefered settings
  • Define multi-layers layouts

Can be used for paving, siding, flooring, tiling .... and any other rectangular pattern.



30 Days Trial

Oob layouts can be tested for 30 days (click on "Try" to get your activation key). After the trial period you have to purchase a license to use it. 


New Oob Terrain plugin: Build 3D terrains in SketchUp


Why sketchup do not give kind of this plugins free?

kiwi10's picture

Hi Ferhat,

Perhaps you should have a look at this free plugin that works for both floors and walls instead: FLOOR GENERATOR by Sam D Mitch, found over at the SketchUcation Plugin Store.

Video: www.thesketchupessentials.com/floorgenerator

Egemen Y.'s picture

Where is my Extension? I had to format the computer after I bought the plug-in. I can not download it again when I enter my account. What is the reason of this?

Will K's picture

I found this to be hugely useful and, for what I needed, a big time saver making it worth the cost (though I do agree it seemed high on first look). My investment was well rewarded though when I found an issue with the plugin and Stephane turned around a fix after a couple days of debugging.

Danny H.'s picture

It there possible to making holes on this way

Fanjun's picture

Unable to download and install

Stefan O's picture

Download should be Ok.
Try downloading from http://oob.duckdns.org/ if needed.

MIG Z's picture

me 2?

Jorge A.'s picture

I bought the plugin last month. I use it mostly for paver designs and the bricks style works fine for small areas. Why does it have difficulties when it is above 1500 bricks? Also, how can I create other styles like hexagons and other polygons?

Alan J.'s picture

Looked really useful for adding a proper brick surface to 3D printed models, but alas it can only handle a tiny surface area and only in plain bond.

Jorgensen's picture

how do you adjust the rotation?

and how can one upgrade to the lastest version?

Stefan O's picture

Hi Bo.

To select a layout direction select a face and an edge along the desired direction.

For an upgrade offer please send an email (oob.su.plugin@gmail.com).

BR, Stephane

Jorgensen's picture

Hi stéphane

Did you receive a mail from me?

Should the direction work in version 6.0.0?
It seems to I can't change direction whatever edge I select.


Stefan O's picture

Yes, selecting a face + an edge should work on 6.0.0 version.
You can send me a sktechup file + screen shot of your problem.

BR, Stéphane.

Ar. Nitin Sharma's picture

Hi Stephanie

I intend purchasing this plugin. I'd like to know if it supports the Feet-Inches mode of measurement. Please revert, thanks.

Ar. Nitin Sharma
3DA Architects

Stefan O's picture

It looks like I did not see your comment ... sorry.

Yes, the plugin uses the current model unit (m, cm, inches or whatever...)


Sebastian S's picture

I sent an email to oob.su@gmail.com and it came back undeliverable. Could you please provide me with an email address I can use to contact you regarding my plug-in. I used it a lot but with the new update it says its unlicensed when I start up Sketchup. Thanks

Stefan O's picture

Hi Sebastian,
the correct email is: oob.su.plugin@gmail.com
KR, Stéphane

Sebastian S's picture

Completely my fault for not paying attention. Dev is active !

Taylan K's picture

Why $19.00?

Stefan O's picture

Why not $19.00?

Jorge Khoury Noba's picture

Yet they have not resolved me my key problem for Oob Layouts, I bought a second license and also does not work.
We note some apathy in you by solving this case, we feel vilmente cheated.
If they do not give us a satisfactory answer we will be forced to proceed in another way.

Thanks in advance, hope your valuable response.

Stefan O's picture

Hi Jorge,

I have sent you an email a few days ago. Didi you get it?

Best regards, Stéphane

Fernando L's picture

I like the plugin but I think it needs more features but at least I would to see these two options:
-Insertion point
-customizable profiles for sidings or/and chamfer options

Charle G's picture

Stéphane O, Can you please insert m² inside the results?

Jorge Khoury Noba's picture

Yet they have not resolved me my key problem for Oob Layouts, I bought a second license and also does not work.
We note some apathy in you by solving this case, we feel vilmente cheated.
If they do not give us a satisfactory answer we will be forced to proceed in another way.

Thanks in advance, hope your valuable response.

Stefan O's picture

Hello Jorge,
sorry for the convenience.

Did you receive the email with id and key sent 2 weeks ago (02/13)?

Do you have any error message of screen capture that shows your problem?
To speed up the support can you please use the oos.su@free.fr email.

Best regards,

Jorge Khoury Noba's picture

Saludos a todos.

Todavía no me han resuelto el problema de mi clave para Oob Layouts, compré una segunda licencia e igualmente no funciona.
Notamos cierta apatía en ustedes por resolver este caso, nos sentimos vílmente estafados.
Si no nos dan una respuesta satisfactoria nos veremos obligados a proceder de otra manera.

Gracias de antemanos, esperamos su valiosa respuesta.

Jorge Khoury Noba's picture

Saludos a todos.

El dia 1de febrero del 2015, adquirimos una licencia de Oob layouts 5.1.5 para Sketchup Pro 2015.
Por favor si son tan amables de ayudarme a conseguir la llave para la activación se lo agradeceré infinitamente.


Sebastian M.'s picture

I don’t have a download option. I already got a trial code but the extension warehouse does not show the download option. How do you download this plugin?

Stefan O's picture

Download option is available on SketchUp 2015. For older versions you can download the plugin from the web page: http://oob.duckdns.org/
BR, Stéphane.

Stefan O's picture

Hello Sebastian,

The plugin must be installed from SketchUp directly: in Window > Extension Warehouse > Search "Oob"

Let me know if you can't install it this way.
BR, Stéphane.

Sebastian M.'s picture

I don’t have the “install” tab, I only have the “purchase” option

Solo's picture

Same here

Stefan O's picture

Hi Solo,

which version of SU are you using?
In case of, you can download the plugin here:

BR, Stéphane.

Evgeniy K.'s picture

Works nice, but templates seem not working at all. SU 2013, PC. Saving template button also doesn't work. I press it, enter name, but nothing happens then. When I choose any template from the list, it changes only firsh parameter dialog appears about some scenary error


Also, very often it behaves unpredictable with some faces selected, that built by angle. Group with tiling geometry goes somewhere above.

PS. Nice plugin, I like it mostly but those issues I mentioned...

Stefan O's picture

Thank you for your comment.

A new release is under review by SketchUp team, it should correct soem of your problems.

In any case, the Preset feature writes files in the plugin folder.
In SU 2013 this folder is located in Program Files and it is subject to Microsoft security rules.
In SU 2014 and 2015 the pluginf older has fortunately moved to User/AppData folder,where all writing rights are allowed.

If you can switch to SU 2014 or 2015 it will help.

Kind regards, Stéphane.

l. macdougald F.'s picture


I am having problems getting the dialog box to show up when i select the the oob icon in my trial version(MAC;sketchup 2014). any help would be greatly appreciated. ihave use this great plugin on a pc sketchup 7pro and it worked fine.


Stefan O's picture


can you please retry with the ruby console opened (menu: display/ruby console) and check if an error message is displayed.

BR, Stéphane.

L c's picture
L c

nice ! I like it. bought it totally on a whim, but it does what i wanted :) (i.e. making geometry floor tiles).
The text for the dialog is in English but i think by accident one of the sentences is in french. & needs updating. thx

Stefan O's picture

Hi LC,

do you remember the sentence?


Stefan O's picture

Hello guys,

the website was off for a few days.
You can retry now : http://oob.duckdns.org/

Mahna  mahna D's picture

Sorry where is the 'try' button?
I have installed, but it asks for my activation key. I tried to find it on the english version of your website, but the page doesn't load. I then tried to click the payment link in the extentions warehouse….same thing page doesn't load.
If i could pay for this i think we would both be happy.
Please advise!

cheng hsiang H's picture

I have successfully downloaded the trial plug-in installed on my sketchup2014, but I click on the link and nothing happens, please tell me how to get my activation key ?

Playfour04 .'s picture

How about 2014 compatability.

Stefan O's picture

The plugin has just been accepted by the Extension team. It is now 2014 compliant.
Edit: + 2015.

David R.'s picture

How do you get your activation key? The link doesn't seem to do anything?
Ah I see, you have to email them and wait for a reply.

Stefan O's picture

Hi guys,

price is lower now.
I have also added unit management (model unit is used instead of hardcoded cms).

Antonio's picture

Any chance getting Oob layouts to create/filled an arch type shape, following a given arch/radius?

Stefan O's picture

Hello Antonio,

I understand your need.
It's probably technically possible but I don't see how to build an ergonomic user interface for that.
Isn'it possible to do that using SketchUp tools (rotate + multi duplicate)?

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