Oob Electrical
Create complex electrical circuits
Oob Electrical

Oob Electrical allows to desgin complex electrical circuits in SketchUp.

Add devices on you plan, select wire type and connect them.

Check unconnected devices and then get the number and length of each item.


 View more here: http://oob.duckdns.org/elec/

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Frank D's picture

Hello Stefan,
thanks for sending me a copy of my licence
I like the program, but it needs a lot of improvement
the first thing I noticed is that when I tried to use it on my existing drawing of my building, Sketcup became horribly slow, as it seems your program has to rebuild everything each time I add a device or a wiring
I have solved this by starting a new drawing, saving it under another name, "copy" only the floor plans from my existing drawing then "copy in place" them in the new drawing
working with your program in the new Sketchup drawing is now as fast as it should be
I notice you use different labels for the devices than for the labels of these devices, i.e. the device "socket" is labeled as "plug" on the drawing, and yet another name in the parameters: "outlet"
this is very confusing
as this is an old building which needs renovations, I thought it a good idea to have different colors for the text of existing switches, lamps etc..., and another color for new switches, lamps etc...
after some trial and error, I succeeded in changing the text color
of course then you also need to create new components with new labels like "SwitchN", "PlugN", etc...
this can be achieved easily in sketchup by copying and pasting an existing component, right clicking on it and making it unique
it would be nice if this would automatically create a new device in your device list
more improvements are possible: snapping to surfaces or lines, automatic orienting to these surfaces or lines, different ceiling heights per floor plan, etc...

keep up the good work, Stefan !
friendly greetings

I downloaded a trial...seems to have promise but the units of measurement are not clear. I use imperial and the length of wire is expressed in imperial but the "parameters" seem to be unchangeably expressed in metric or some strange ratio. Is there a place where I can input the units for the parameters in inches?

Fanjun's picture

Unable to download and install

I bought my house fairly recently, and have started to do some home repair. As part of that, I've gotten all of the visible areas modeled in Sketchup. I've been looking for good tools to help with the 'less visible' aspects (wiring, plumbing, ventilation). After looking, this product seems to be the only option for the electrical portion.

I want to like this product. Maybe I have an odd use-case for it; mapping out existing installations, but this feels like a half way done project, and not a complete tool yet.

* Fairly easy to use
* It's been updated with AWG wiring
* Uses imperial measurements.

* Items don't snap to surfaces
* It takes a lot of effort to orient devices and get them positioned correctly.
* Parameters appear to default to meters (ignoring choice for wiring)
* Non-Locking wiring (see Garth's notes in buggy about moving devices)
* No way to tell what wiring is being depicted (missing annotation/ visual cues).
* Floating window - I'm on a big monitor, and the plugin covers a lot of usable space.
* Grouped annotations - If I want to add notes about a device, I have to add my own annotation.
* Single Layer
* There doesn't appear to be any clear way to group items say 'this switch, light, and 3 outlets are all on breaker x'.
* So there is no way to turn on and off the display of wiring for a given 'region'.

The outlets in the US are vertical, not horizontal. Doesn't impact me, just looks weird. But I could see it being a problem when an outlet has been placed in a weird location (i.e. between doors).

All of that said, I'm on the fence about buying it. I want to, I really do, but it's hard to justify at it's price.

Stefan O's picture

Hi Chip,

thank you for your comment.
I am currently on holidays, I will come back to you as soon as possible.

Best regards, Stéphane.

I have tried to use this plugin, but I have not succeded to connect units (two lamps for example). I don't know if I am doing something wrong or if the plugin is not working. Can anybody tell me in detail how to do. The video is so quick so mayby I missed something.

I have tried to contact Stéphane two times but without any response.

I should have good use of this plugin if it worked.

Christer K

Phillip Appleton P's picture

I installed the plug in with no problems but am having troubles adding a device i have tried everything and can not find a solutiion anywhere on the net. Please help

Stefan O's picture

Hello, thank you for your comment.
Do you see devices in the list?
You can also send a screen shot it will help.

For faster answers do not hesitate to send emails to oob.su.plugin@gmail.com

I have the same problem as Robert L.
I have installed extension manually, and now I can't access it or find it.
any suggestions?

Stefan O's picture

Hello Slavko, thank you for posting your question.

After installation, the plugin should be visible and checked in "Window/Preferences/Extension" list.

Please make sure that the "Oob elec" toolbar is also checked in "View/Toolbars" list.

If you still have a problem do not hesitate to send me an email to:

Robert L.'s picture

I am unable to install the extension. I downlaoded manually and installed via preferences > install extention option, but I don't see the extension listed under "My Extensions" anywhere and don't have any place to enter the license code.

Eugen Andrei M.'s picture

I cannot instal this extension...

Garth D.'s picture

The good:
+ This is something SketchUp sorely lacks.
+ Keeps track of Bill of Materials.
+ Overhead lights snap to the floor which is nice.

The bad - a number of things make this unsuitable for use in North American Wiring projects:
- Doesn't support american wire gauge (AWG), wire sizes are all in mm.
- There is likely no place in the US or Canada where 2 prong [ungrounded] outlets are still code, so "Type A" wiring is useless. Anywhere you would be adding you'd have to install 3 prong grounded outlets or gfi outlets where a ground wire is not available.
- The default outlet in North America should be a duplex receptacle (2 plug outlet) oriented vertically with the ground pins on the bottom.
- The electrical symbol on the outlet does not match North Amercian wiring conventions.

The buggy:
- Wires don't lock to components, if you move a component the wire is just left floating in space (this also means the length of wire won't update).
- Shows xx.xx m for length of wire on the pop-up screen (the BOM button does show a length however)
- Wall lights don't orient to the wall plane, so you get lights that are half in the wall and half out.

The bottom line:
With improvements this could be a decent plugin, as it is now you'd be much better served to spend your $50 on the cheapest copy of Home Designer Suite 2016 and use that to build out your wiring plan and BOM.

Stefan O's picture

Hi Garth,
an updated version is now available with AWG cables and a correction on feet/inches lengths.


Stefan O's picture

Thank you Garth for the time you spent testing the plugin and for this full review. I really appreciate it.
I propose you to exchange by email to see what we can put n the next release of the plugin.

BR, Stéphane

Janus C. H. K.'s picture

Why is this plugin requiring full access to my file system?

Stefan O's picture

Hi Janus,

I have tried other plugins and all of these require this access.
I guess this is for installation purpose.

In any case Oob Electrical only read/write files in SketchUp/Plugins folder.

BR, Stéphane.

Julian S's picture

please elaborate on what seems to be troubling in order for all to benefit from your contribution

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