Onion Dome Creator
A script to create onion domes.
Onion Dome Creator

This drawing tool allows you to enter specific values to create a complex, onion dome shape. Once thought to be impossible to create in SketchUp, this script makes it as simple as 3 clicks.


how to make wall use this plug in?

It is somewhat decent

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Great Tool, but how can I increase the quality of the shape ??? It is not really round !

Nothing in SU is round. They are all just polyhedrons/gons of varying simplicity.

Thank you very much!!

i dont find the tool after installing

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It's Good Plug in
Thank Man.

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I want to make onion domes out of wood, need instructions as how to go about it, any help will be appreciated

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how to use it it doesn't appear in the toolbars menu

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how do you use it

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Click on draw...

my tool bar not shown this extentionso pls hepl me how it is use

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been searching for this for a while. thanks guys

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I made my dome without this extension, used the standart application tools, such as drawing lines, bezier and follow tools, I guess you get the idea

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What are the r1, r2, h1, and h2 values for?

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r1 = radius 1
r2 = radius 2
h1 = height 1
h2 = height 2
there are 2 radii involved, and a corresponding height to each of them.

I just make my own rhombic zonohedra. I think this is cool, but way more complicated than it has to be.

Learning and thanks.

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Used this to draw a bishop in a chess set

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