Allows you to: Toggle Ruby Console: on/off. Toggle Styles/Edit/Colour-(EdgeColour): All-Same/By-Material. Toggle Inverse Hidden Status of objects. Toggle Hidden Items Visibility: on/off. Toggle Colour by Layer: on/off

This  Extension is intended  to make it simple to activate various functions which otherwise are several clicks away or buried within the settings.... Convenient access saves time and means you'll make more use of the functions avaiable.  In this way your unlocking more potential out of Sketchup and working more efficiently 

Allows you to

Toggle Ruby Console on/off

  • DoubleClick clears the console... Ideal for Developers 

Toggle Styles/Edit/Colour-(EdgeColour): All-Same/By-Material

  • Ideal of anyone who uses EdgeColour within their work

Toggle Inverse Hidden Status of objects.

  • Reveal all hidden objects and hide all visible objects... an easy way to find what your looking for, work-on-it or  hide-it and then invert the selection again.

Toggle Hidden Items Visibility: on/off.

  •  Make hidden items visible (ghosted) and visually identify them...

Toggle Colour by Layer: on/off

  • Visually check your object's layer status.




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