Create Organic Forms, Simulate Tensile Surfaces, SmoothPatch Details, Model Terrain and more

nz_Surface is an ideal tool which allows you to

  •  surface an area between specified points and resolve complex organic geometries whilst retaining complete control of the edge conditions.

  •  Organically plug a hole within your model.

  •  Pitch a tent or span a tensile fabric,

  •  locate survey points or model a terrain,

  •  prepare a model for subdivision or

  •  create a complex model with facetted details only where their needed…


We want to make creating forms easy so that we can focus on creating meaning and experience… here are some of the features.


4 point - Point Finder: Smooth out the Bumps

Closing a 4 point non-planar opening can result in diagonal edges which awkwardly bulge or indent rather than smoothly resolve by curving in both directions…. “4 point - Level Finder” will find for you the perfectly proportional solution folding to the centroid of the four points….


4 point - Point Finder: Create Terrain

When working with Surveys a single iteration of  ‘Point Finder’ solves the critical problem of locating a 5th point from 4 know points this allows you to realistically and intelligently surface terrain from a survey…


Preparing for a Global SubDivide?

You don’t necessarily want millions of faces so start by adding complexity only across the corners and details which are far removed from the forms you wish to achieve… when your model is as proportionally correct and organic as you like you can then run the global subdivide to finalise the finish…. use nz_Surface to correct details or create subdivided solutions only the the parts of your model that actually need curvilinear resolutions


Create Curvilinear Models with Key straight edge design lines

Create organic shapes and models from key points and definable straight edges.  The kind of details you find within industrial designs where key design lines are ‘matched and married’ with organic sculptural forms.


Easily Produce Tensile Structures

nz_Surface can simulated tensile fabrics pinned at 4,5,6,8,10,12 points


Beyond ‘4 point - Point Finder’:

4 point - Point Finder is the key tool within this set, based on it we have developed the other variants… as a bonus we enabled some fun settings to play with and a series of hot-keys so that you can change your mind on the fly as well….


Hot Keys

Control:              Toggle Textures 'Smooth|Diamond|Crystal|Shell'

Command:         Toggle Centroid Placement: Natural(auto)|Manual

Spacebar:           Random Variations to surface finished when not using a 'Smooth' texture

Up | Down Keys: Control the four levels of Iteration 1|2|3|4 for a extra smooth finish or face-efficient solution





 A Touch of World Architecture

 nz_Surface allows you to achieve some of those forms you see architect’s produce that appear all so difficult to envision


 We believe in “Enabling Creativity” so here’s another tool which invites the imagination and with it enables the creation of some impressive designs… now that we’ve levelled the ‘playing field’ we can focus on creating meaning which is where the real game lies…


 Create something meaningful!






Hi Natale,

Thank you for creating such a wonderful plugin!

I have a question, when using the plugin the faces generated are pulled down/deflated.
How do I generate faces that looked inflated, similar to soap skin & bubble plugin?

Thank you.

Natale Zappia's picture

Hi Jordan,

Thank you, I much appreciate your feedback.

Currently the surface takes the form one would expect of a tensile fabric… It blends the edges into a surface as smooth and realistic as possible...this is the extension’s core identity shall we say. The 4-point function can for this reason be used to derived a 5th Survey point from 4 known points...

I’m planning to investigate the possibility of an 'inflatable' skin.
If the results are satisfactory I will include them within an upcoming version.


Please note that you can use Sketchup’s Smoove tool… to bulge the surface.
‘Smoove’ with ‘shift’ (held down) allows you to inference perpendicular to the surface and this allows for a bulge effect… if done carefully you can avoid affecting the perimeter of the surface skin…nz_Surface creates a nice array of points which respond well to this…


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