Obtain running dimensions along a path (or an optional post to post measurement). Ideal for anyone needing to determine travel distances
  • nz_RunningTape
  • nz_RunningTape
  • nz_RunningTape

This Extentions allows you to use the following three functions: A: TRAVEL | B: RUNNING | C: POST-TO-POST | D: B+C

A: TRAVEL:  Obtain running dimensinos along a path 

B: RUNNING: Running Dimensions located inbetween click points 

C: POST-TO-POST: Obtain post to post measurement located inbetween click points

D: A+B Running Dimentions are displayed along with the post-to-post in brackets



Ideal for anyone needing to determine travel distances...such as Architects when addressing fire safety.


Running Tape Contains the Following Settings.

Selectable Colours: easily identify paths

Start Point: useful when exploring alternative paths from a given point or point of choice in direction.

Node Size: marks start position & critical points

Text: z-Value: allows you to control the visibility of dimensions

Alarm(1/2): this options allows you to mark two critical points along the path to your destination

                an option specifically catering for architects when determining fire exit routes.

RememberMe: All settings can be retained during and between sessions for your convenience

Restore: Resets settings values to RememberMe or Factory settings



Allows for a range of different colours for easy identification of alternative pathways 

Double-LeftClick:  Ends run.

RightClick:  Resets alarm distance unless you have clicked beyond them.


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Christine M.'s picture

useful plugin!

The extension nz_RunningTape is very handy and easy to connect. You have given all the necessary features of the running tape. Being able to measure the piping from node to node allows determination of slope gradient. Thank you for the post.
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This is a very handy plug in. I'm using it to model site drainage where I'm given a starting point elevation and ending point elevation and some unknown length of drain pipe between the two points. Being able to measure the piping from node to node allows determination of slope gradient. Very useful in the work I'm doing.

One change that would be helpful would be the ability to toggle between running and post to post dimensions with the same tape.

Natale Zappia's picture

Thanks Robert,
I much appreciate your feedback, and I'm pleased that it's useful.
Your review has prompted me to investigate your suggestion and I have since added a fourth "tape type"
which concurrently displays both a 'running dimension' and 'post-to-post' (in brackets) underneath.
Version 1.2.0 includes this update.
Regards Natale

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