Determined the required gradients & transition zones for your driveways & vehicular access ramps. This extensions allows you to calculate/convert gradients into falls (1/distance), % grades or .deg. Visually measure + mark a grade between any two points

This extension allows you determine appropriate driveway and ramping grades and fall.  

Customisable to local Authorities requirements.  Also includes a first-principles toolset allowing you to measure and assess your grade requirements




Allows you to set global requirements in accordance with your Local Authorities

Refer to Local Authorities and Legal Requirements.



Customise/Override/Elaborate on the CODE settings to suit your particular needs.



This tool will enable your to draw a ramp to the maximum grade allowable.  If the grade is exceeds that allowable then the tool will automatically calculate and draw a suitable ramp with the required transition zones, with reference to CODE and USER settings.  In this case it will also refer priorities  the Drop(RL) or the Length with respect to your optional preference.



An inbuilt calculator which will convert grade measurements from fall 1/distance to % grade or degrees Angle


MEASURE: Change in Grade 

this will provide the change in grade and highlight if it exceeds that established by Authorites

Also Provides measurements of adjoining surfaces



Allows to display the maximum limits set by the  Authorities, or temporarily display any gradient rendering the Visualize a drawing tool


VISUALIZE: Visually illustrates the maximum allowable fall relative an existing fall or flat surface

Also Provides measurements of adjoining surfaces



Measure the grade of any surface.. Ideal for documentation and dimensioning


RESTORE: Settings

Restore all settings to either RememberMe (inter-session memory) or Factory Settings which may not match your local requirements but it does provide an intelligible start point from which to make appropriate changes


 A Pop-up Summary of the calculations is also available as an option, also optional are on-screen measurements.






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