Subdivides a cubic form and allows you to tease and edit it into organic forms

nz_Globule allows you to create organic forms


nz_Globule will subdivide a cube into and editable organic form.refine your creation using 8|14|26 'Control-Points' that allow youtease and manipulate the form into the desired shape.

nz_Globule affords you elegant and useful vertices and edges thatallow you to manually further your creation... given that you do notexplode your group you can always recover it's original form.when regenerating the form you can also change the subdivisioniterations and/or shell texture options


We are happy to make available this tool for you…

we want to make creating forms easy so that we can focus on

creating meaning and experience… here are some of the features.


The Tool Set:


8 point - button: start your creation with a 8.point shape (cubic-form)

nz_Glouble shares a similar work-flow to it's siblings nz_Surface & nz_CorsetUtilising the same colourful visual guides making it easier to preempt theSubdivided forms which follow.


 Preparing for a Global SubDivide?


You don’t necessarily want millions of faces at this stage or in terms of architecture we want may want buildable faceted surfaces or we many be preparing for a global subdivideTherefore nz_Globule provides allows your to work with varying levels of subdivide tosuit your needs ranging form a single iteration providing cubic forms to ever smoother results






Smooth:      Creates a Smooth Globule

Diamond:    Spikes Face centres, can be used to further smooth the surface

for spectacular effect

Adaptation: Texture Pattern is determined by rate of change within the surface

In this case the Texture Offset is works as a multiplier distance/

Shell:           The form is covered by cubic forms (reverse face is disabled in this mode)


Editing a nz_Globule


Simply Select an Instance and RightClick.From the contextual menu select 'edit: nz_globule'tease the form manually and also access setting with another right-click .


Control Points 


8  : Corners

14: Corners + Face centres

26: Corners + Face Centers + Edge Midpoints

You can puppet your form from the simplicity of a cube parent structure

Double Left Click or RightClick Menu to Provide yourself with Guidelines

When Creating a shape your can manually insert distance values and similarly whilst dragging

a control point you can insert a distance value to provide a custom guide line

all this for ultimate control over the shape you want to make.


Hot Keys


Control:Toggle Textures 'Smooth|Diamond|Crystal|Shell'

Command:Toggle Control Points: 8|14|26

Spacebar:Random Variations to surface finished when now using a 'Smooth' texture

Up & Down Keys:Control the four levels of Iteration 1|2|3|4



'random' with apply to the texture(offset) value when any 'texture type' is selected other than 'smooth'


'Access Members' allows you to select each greeble as an individual group entity


'Remember' will save your setting so that next time you open sketchup your current preferences will be conveniently remembered.




ps.  nz_Globules forms part of a trilogy of plugins...(nz_Surface, nz_Corset, nz_Globule)



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