Create Corseted Forms: Including stilettos, vases, dishes, tensile structures and more
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nz_Corset is an evolution of nz_Surface


nz_Corset allows you to create organic tubular forms. 



This corset includes an adjustable waist (about it's axis) and adjustable girth.


Created elaborate corset shapes including Dishes, Vases and Stiletto shapes.  


Bonus Function: OverdriveOverdrive Allows you to exceed the end planes and create dish - shapes

at this time these shapes require that the end plane are parallel to each other


Preparing for a Global SubDivide?


You don’t necessarily want millions of faces so we have provided three levels of iteration.when your model is as proportionally correct and organic you can thenurn the global subdivide to finalise the form…. use nz_Surface to adjust details or cap your end planes.  nz_Surface vertices coincide with those of nz_Corset so it's easier to marry the form together or make the most of the elegantly structured vertices themselve...thereby creating soft edges


nz_Corset can simulated tensile fabrics use 'Natural' or alternatively run 'Manual' mode and customise the structure to suit



Includes Preset Greebles and the ability to make your own variations via





Hot Keys 

Control:Toggle Textures 'Smooth|Diamond|Crystal|Adaptation|Shel+lField+|Chamfer+'

Command:Toggle Centroid Placement: Natural(auto)|Manual

Spacebar:Random Variations to surface finished when now using a 'Smooth' texture

Up & Down Keys:Control the four levels of Iteration 1|2|3






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