Precisely Locate your camera and subject, remotely explore and confirm you sketchup camera locations

 nz_Camera:  the simplest and most precise way to set up you camera view.


 Simply select the two critical points;

 Where is the camera located? and what is the camera looking at!


You can precisely locate the camera from a remote vantage point, check it, then ‘GoBack’ to your original vantage point and set up another shot remotely from this birds-eyes view.  


Views can be stored via SU:Scenes of course,  but you can also establish a ‘Named Camera Position’ so that you can return to that scene using the 'Quick Click' Camera.


These markers are easily identifiable in outliner and can be removed once you have investigated all the possibilities graphically.


 Settings Allows you to nominate Critical Eye-Level datums, namely

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Clickpoint
  • Override


Sitting is particularly important in terms or ergonomic people centric design, it allows you to check that "the remarkable view down at the cafe is not obscured by the window transom when you sit down….


 You can also set up "Field of View FOV' perspectives corresponding to

  • Camera
  • Eyes*
  • Override


nz_Camera is a simple tool that lets you visualise all you camera positions (views) and in no uncertain terms define the exact position of the camera strategically








*Nominally 50mm FOV represents the perspective equivalency of the Human Eye... This is a analogous relationship which can be easily adapted in the settings to the perspective representation you most prefer... all settings are restorable to Factory Defaults.

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