Number Components
This extension numbers components and groups with 3D Text or renames component instances.
Number Components

This extension numbers components and groups with 3D Text or renames component instances. 

The 3D text is placed above the centre of each object when viewed from above in top view.

The objects selected do not have to be in a grid pattern.

New in version 1.1.2

Should work better in Windows now.

New features in version 1.1.0

  •  Font support with bold/italic style.
  •  Extrusion for text that really is 3D.
  •  Last used settings are automatically saved.
  •  Window can be left open to try different settings.

 Note: On OS X/macOS, updating the list of fonts can take a long time e.g. 10 seconds. This should only happen once when you first open this extension. The font list is saved to avoid further delays, but if you want to update the list when you add new fonts to your system just click the "Update Fonts" button.

How to use:

Select some groups, components or a mixture of the two types.

Right-click on your selection, then choose "Number Components" from the context menu that pops up.

Choose from the following options:

font, style, text height, extrusion size (0 for no extrusion), unit (mm/inches), direction, Numbering system, Text Prefix("Text n" only), Number to 3D text or rename component ,First number, Flip alternate rows, Keep window open.

Click 'Number Component'.

The extension will then place 3D text on top of each component or group that was selected OR rename the instance.


Choose a font and style. The style might not have any effect on some fonts. Choose height of text in y direction (green axis) and extrusion height in z direction (blue axis).


The order the objects are numbered in is set by the Direction setting.

The first direction is the major one, followed by the minor one. e.g. "Down, Right" sorts the objects first by descending y-coordinate (green axis), then by ascending x-coordinate (red axis).




Simply places numbers on each object 1,2,3,4,… etc.



Numbers each row A1, A2, A3, etc. Then the next row B1 ,B2, B3, etc. For Directions that start with Up or Down, each row has the same letter. For Directions that start with Left or Right, each column will have the same letter.


Text n

The text that you type in the "Text Prefix" is placed on each component, followed by its number. e.g. Type "Door " in the Text Prefix and the objects will be numbered "Door 1", "Door 2", etc.


Definition n

This option reads the name of the component definition and adds the number. e.g. Select all components with definition name "Window" and they will be numbered "Window 1", "Window 2", etc.


Definition (no numbering)

This is the only option which does not number components. It simply places the definition name of the component. This could be useful to mark the type of each component on a plan view.


Number to

This sets where the numbers go. They can either be placed above each object as 3D text or used to rename the component or group's instance name. This affects all the above settings.


First Number

Sets the first number. e.g. "100" would mean the objects are numbered "100", "101", "102", etc.


Flip Alternate Rows

With this option ticked, the numbering direction will reverse every time a new row is started. The direction set e.g. "Down, Right" applies to the first row.

1 2 3
6 5 4
7 8 9

Keep Window Open

Tick this box to leave this extension's window open after clicking the "Number Component" button. This is useful for trying out different numbering options before closing the window.

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