Noise3D Online Calculation
Allows to perform industrial noise calculation and control, noise prediction and noise mapping according to DIN ISO 9613-2 using the established calculation module of Kramer Schalltechnik
Noise3D Online Calculation

This plugin allows to extend SketchUp to become a true calculation tool for industrial noise immission according to the ISO 9613-2 standard. The plugin is reaching out to a high performance server based calculation engine to perform noise calculation, noise prediction and colored noise mapping. The calculation engine is a proven tool and well established in the noise control engineering industry. 

The plugin is intended for architects, industrial planners and environmental experts working on urban development or industrial projects using SketchUp with a need to take sound propagation or noise immission into their planning considerations. 

It is the benefit of this plugin to enable users to become independent from expensive consultants and save time. The plugin allows users to extend their SketchUp based planning by creating all required noise related calculations including tables and colored maps that document the noise impact of the plan. Tables and maps can be exported into spreadsheets, presentations or word document for professional presentation purposes. 

An additional benefit of the plugin is the ability to process the calculations iteratively and fine-tuning the noise abatement plans (e.g. height or length of a screen) thus creating a better plan and reducing expenditures and cost. 

The plugin does not require the development of a separate plan just for noise prediction purposes, however, an existing SketchUp model can be extended just by acoustic data providing the noise related output with minimum additional effort. 

After installing the plugin and registration for the calculation service icons will become available for identifying acoustic elements in the model. Acoustic and possibly geometric information of those elements will be recorded using customized input screens. After defining the overall acoustic properties of the project (e.g. the calculation area, number of reflections, ground absorption, etc) the calculation of single immission points or complete colored noise map will be initiated. Results will be available once the calculation was completed. 

In case any help will be required then a supporting web site with detailed instructions, sample models and an FAQ section is available. 



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