The Move Rotate Tool
Move and rotate components and groups in realtime with text input.
The Move Rotate Tool

Use the Idibri Move Rotate Tool to accurately transform your components and groups with live updating.


  1. Select a component.
  2. Hit the menu button.
  3. Type in a position or rotation in the X,Y,Z axes.
  4. Watch it live update as you type.
  5. Hit ok or cancel


  • Position units can be changed in realtime
  • Axis rotation in degrees
  • Next version will be 2017+ only as the WebDialog is Deprecated.

Known Issues:

  • Known issue with modals in osx,
  • Known issue with resizing in Windows (works fine in OSX)


Zoltan G's picture

Unforunately doesnt work for me (free 2017)
Item I rotated just dissappears

Would be nice to have a preview before commiting to rotate

Idibri's picture

Hi there Zoltan,
thank you for your feedback! I've added it to the bug reports!

To your first point, the rotation of the object may be clashing with a transformation already applied to the object. My suggestion is right click on the object and create another group, transform the new group, then ungroup. I'll see if I can automate this process in a future release.

To your second point, the dialog "should" live update the component as you type numbers in, I'll fire up SU Free 2017 (in windows?) see if I can recreate the bug.

Thanks again, kind regards.

Simple and Easy to use.


Idibri's picture

Thanks Dechatorn!

Michał P's picture

Not working with my SU2017. The dialog opens but when I try to type a value, it closes down and a window occurs:
"no implicit conversion to float from nil" whatever it means.

Even if it worked, it would be nice that I could manage the camera while the dialog is active. It kinda overrides Sektchup controls so I cannot hover over my model when it's on.

Idibri's picture

Hi there Michal, I'm looking at this now, haven't been able to recreate the error yet.
I think it's to do with Language and Character set the numbers are being input in.

could you answer a couple of questions?

- What did you type in to the text box to make it fail?
- What is the native Language and Character set of Windows Set to?
- Have you tried it since?

Kind Regards.

Michał P's picture

Hi, sorry for so long response.

The Idibri window closes just when I click on any text box - it doesn't even let me type anything.
My Windows is set to Polish but I use English SketchUp.

By the way, it's quite frustrating that Idibri window does not let you do anything in Sketchup (neither in viewport, nor in UI) until you close it.

Idibri's picture

Hi again Michal, thanks for answering my questions!

Yeah, it sounds like a character set problem, the dialog itself relies on Internet Explorer Browser Webdialog provided by Windows

I think this problem should go away in the next version of the Move Rotate Tool as Sketchup added a new dialog mechanism,
which provides a standard Chromium based browser under the hood.

I'll set my windows language to Polish, see if it breaks the plugin!

You're right about the dialog locking the screen, I've added that to the feature requests!

Kind regards, thanks again.

Idibri's picture

Hi Michal, thanks for the bug report!
I will investigate.

Also Happy Holidays!

EliBjr's picture

This is actually a nice simple tool. It is almost as nice as "JF MoveIt v2.1" (which still works for 2017 by the way). I like the cancel button and the fact that it reads the units you are currently using. A couple nice developments would be a smaller menu interface. If you are only using one screen this thing is HUGE! The ability to resize is nice though. I think it would be nice if you could inter the units in feet and inches like in the Sketchup measure dialog box. The beauty of this tool is that with it you can pinpoint your exact location of a group or component to the origin. the ability to dock and minimize this would also be nice if it was smaller. Adding a move to origin would be nice too. Overall this a very useful and nice tool.

Thank you,

Idibri's picture

Hi Elibjr, thank you for your review!

I've added your suggestions to the development of the Move Rotate Tool, I hope you find the new updates useful. Units switching has been added in v1.0.3, the window/UI resizing is currently platform dependent; it works on OSX not on Windows (yet!). The next version will support UI resizing on Windows in SU2017.


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