Model Info
Generates model statistics.
Model Info

Outputs model statistics to the Ruby Console or file.

Counting triangles is more accurate indication to how complex the model is. As the first screenshot illustrates - the two scenes has identical number of faces, but the number of triangles required to generate the faces is significantly different due to the inner holes in the upper example.

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ThomThom, this solved a problem for me with the free version of SU. I have a very complex model of my house with many components, some of which are duplicates of others (long story, not totally my fault :-) ). I was looking for a way to export a component list into Excel so that I could clean up the model. Now I don't have to type a list myself. I just send the components list to the Ruby Console, copy it and paste it into Excel. And it has the number of them as well!

Good job!

Thanks ThomThom, your plugins really help me optimizing my 3D models (wich, in turn, I use for VR applications in Unity).

Just to clarify what the plugin does to other users, it has 2 main purposes :
- Give info about your WHOLE model (the file itself) :
-> Number of Edges, Faces, Triangles, component instances, guides, guide points, groups, images, 3D polylines, section planes, dimensions, text, component definitions, layers, materials and style.
- Count the number of instances of each of your components
-> Unlike Sketch Up stats, it does count all the nested ones too, giving you an accurate number (in my opinion, Sketch up(s way of not counting nested stuff is a complete scam...)

If I may add, my only regret is that it doesn't count the vertices too. If you ever find the motivation to update it, that would be awesome :)

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Thanks Man