MeshWrapper Tool
The MeshWrapper tools by Cadman provide a suite of tools for creating an outer shell around 3D geometry, simplifying the model and resulting in an evenly distributed surface mesh around the object.
MeshWrapper Tool

The MeshWrapper Tools 
Watch the videos to gain a working understanding of the tools.

The Wrap Objects tool puts a uniform grid mesh around an object(s). The different grid projections are each a group within an overall MeshWrapper group. Each grid mesh is composed of a quad faces, and is compatible with quad face tools.

Select the object(s) to be wrapped with a mesh. Then fill out the Gridding Options dialog:

the Grid spacing size. If this number is a negative number, the longest dimension of the object(s) will be subdivided by that number to set the grid size.

the mesh projection style, either all around (surround), Top and Bottom, Front and Back, or Right and Left. 

the Shard filter specifies a grid edge multiplier. When an edge’s length exceeds this multiplier, its triangle will be left out of the final mesh. 

Stitch edges: The subgroups of the mesh are separate from one another, but their perimeter grid cells can be adjusted to match each other when the Stitch edges variable is set to ‘yes’.


The Seam Zipper tool stitches together the edges of two grid seams, or fills in a 1x grid within a mesh.
Make sure there is an edge on each end of the seam opening to make each end of the seam a single grid width 'boxed end'. A boxed end is when an edge has faces completely surrounding it on one side.

Select the ‘box ends’ of the seam and the Seam zipper tool stitches together the grid seams. 

The Reverse group faces tool reverses all faces within a selected group.
If a seam from Seam Zipper is facing inside out, reverse it with the ‘Reverse group faces’ tool. You can then explode the seam group and it merges into the surrounding mesh.

The Diagonals to quads tool turns pairs of triangles into a quad face (four sided face). Select the common edge between the triangles, (or multiple diagonals) and the tool will turn them into quad faces.


Go to Extensions > Cadman > MeshWrapper > Establish center line.

Establish center line takes points anywhere in 3D space and finds the circumcenter between those three points. Click two points, then the third point determines the center of the circle that passes through all three points. 

Go to Extensions > Cadman > MeshWrapper > Align profile.

Align profile orients the face normal (perpendicular) to the end of the line. The Align Profile tool wants you to select a profile face or group and a starting edge. The profile can face any way you want, it does not have to be flat to the ground. To put a profile on the end of a path, select the profile and the end-line of the path. 



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